Monday, November 27th, 2006



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Source: NHI Explorer. L+SD (000). Pgms=Trackage, MV=TC. All-Time=data from 09/30/91-11/19/06. Nip/Tuck=9/20/05-11/14/06 Tu 10-11p. Excl. Kids, Sports and News Nets, Specials.  Indicator=O, Scripted=A, GD, GV, OP, PD, CS. Week Claim=11/13/06-11/19/06 excl SE.



Good morning. It’s Monday, November 27, 2006, and this is your first early morning briefing. 

ABC has slid The Nine into hiatus status.  The Wednesday night 10p time period this week will be home to a special edition of 20/20.

Elsewhere, in another schedule change, NBC will replace Friday Night Lights on Tuesdays at 8p beginning December 26 with a third weekly installment of Dateline NBC.  NBC has ordered up a full season of Friday Night Lights, but at this point has not announced its new time period.

Tonight’s Finales:
Fox:  Prison Break at 8p (Fall Finale – show returns in 2007)
ABC:  The Bachelor at 9p
BBC America:  Vincent at 9p

Tonight’s Premiere:
TBS:  10 Items or Less at 11p


Cable U – Know Networks Better.  Pitch Smarter.  Available worldwide in 7 days …

Superstation WGN has picked up the rights to four seasons of CTV’s Corner Gas sitcom (88 episodes), under a 2-year agreement beginning in 2007.  Although the price paid was not announced, CTV did mention that they would split the spoils with Corner Gas’ producers, Prairie Pants Productions.  The comedy is described as an ensemble comedy series chronicling the adventures of a bunch of nobodies in the middle of nowhere who get up to a whole lot of nothing in the fictional prairie town of Dog River, Saskatchewan, Canada.  It’s also described as Canada’s most watched comedy series. The US deal was secured by Arthur Hasson’s Multi-Platform Distribution Company (MPDC). Corner Gas has also been licensed internationally including Australia, Iraq, Finland, Morocco among others, in deals brokered by Minotaur International Ltd.

MSNBC has made two acquisitions to further its primetime documentary block.  The cable news network picked up Dick Wolf’s Crime and Punishment series, 10 episodes, which follows cases prosecuted by the San Diego D.A.’s office. The second acquisition is the indie film Super Size Me from Morgan Spurlock.  Other docs currently in the MSNBC coffers include its own in-house doc No Place for a Child, as well as new episodes of Lockup focusing on the American penal system. Other programs that will be used in the network’s primetime documentary block are Headliners and Legends and Dateline NBC episodes.

Attention shoppers! Cynopsis has broadened its portfolio by teaming with CABLEready to launch a new subscriber-based website for programmers and producers alike: CableU . You’ll find it here: CableU. It’s full of up-to-date proprietary research, analysis, strategic information and insights on 25 U.S. cable networks, and our directive is simple – help position programs and optimize opportunities in the U.S. cable television market. CableU has all the tools needed to develop and sell original productions to U.S. cable television and help you figure out what’s working on cable, the best way to program opposite your competition and provide insight into what is arguably the most competitive landscape in our industry.  We launch one week from today – check it out – take the Virtual Tour.  You won’t find this level of stuff anywhere else. 

Weekend Box Office Estimates: November 24-26, 2006
Happy Feet (Warner Bros)                 $37.9 million – 2 wk total $100.1m
Casino Royale (Sony)                        $31.0 million – 2 wk total $94.2m
Deja Vu (Buena Vista)                       $20.8 million – opening weekend
Deck the Halls (Fox)                         $12.0 million – opening weekend
Borat (Fox)                                     $10.4 million – 4 wk total $109.3m
Santa Clause 3 (Buena Vista)             $10.0 million – 4 wk total $67.2m
Stranger Than Fiction (Sony)             $6.0 million – 3 wk total $32.7m
Flushed Away (Paramount/DreamWorks) $5.8 million – 4 wk total $57.4m
Bobby (MGM/Weinstein)                     $4.9 million – 2 wk total $6.2m
The Fountain (Warner Bros.)               $3.7 million – opening weekend
Source: Box Office Mojo


Fox Reality Channel will launch several of its new series on iTunes a full week before the official launch on air.  And the downloads for that initial week will be free.  The first offering will be My Bare Lady, available on iTunes as of November 30th, seven days before its Dec 7 launch on air.  Other originals planned for iTunes include Rob and Amber: Against the Odds just after the first of the year, and The Academy this spring.



SCI FI Channel and RHI Entertainment are partnering once more to produce a sci-fi/fantasy version of the classic The Wizard of Oz story called Tin Man (wt). The six-hour miniseries will begin production in Vancouver early next year and the network has planned a December 2007 premiere date. SCI FI and RHI previously teamed up on the 2004 miniseries Legend of Earthsea.
LMNO Productions and Shuffle Up Productions, Inc. are teaming again to develop two new Las Vegas-style television game shows. The first, Let It Ride, is a betting-type card game and the second The Next Vegas Game (wt) allows inventors of new casino games the chance to present them in front of gaming experts.

Hugh Jackman seems to be in nearly every movie these days, and now he’s set his sights on TV.  Jackman and and writer Max Makowski will executive produce a new project for CBS called Voyages via their Seed Prods and CBS Paramount Network TV.  According to Variety, CBS has ordered a script for the story set on a cruise liner, about several of the passengers during their crossing.  Jackman will not be appearing in the project. 



Tuesday – A18-49 Analysis:
ABC led the pack Tuesday night with 4.7/13 A18-49, according to fast affiliate ratings from Nielsen Media Research. FOX was second at 4.2/11, followed by CBS 3.4/9, NBC 2.6/7, CW 1.6/4, UNIV 1.5/4 and TELE 0.4/1. ABC hit a high note at 8p with the American Music Awards at 4.7/13, while CBS’ NCIS placed second at 4.2/12. FOX’s House was #1 at 9p with 6.4/16, with the awards show on ABC next at 5.2/13. NBC took the final hour with Law & Order: SVU at 4.5/12 and ABC’s American Music Awards presentation played second fiddle again at 4.2/11.

Live + Same Day Household Ratings: Tuesday, November 21, 2006 – SWEEP DAY #20 time period averages. Source: Nielsen Media Research

CBS         8.0/13      NCIS 10.3/17, The Unit 7.6/12, 3Lbs 6.1/10

ABC         7.0/11      2006 American Music Awards 7.0/11

NBC         6.7/11      NBC Special: Tony Bennett: An American Classic 4.4/7, Law & Order: Criminal Intent 6.2/10, Law & Order: SVU 9.4/16

FOX         6.2/10      Standoff 3.1/5, House 9.3/14

CW         2.3/4        Gilmore Girls 2.9/5, Veronica Mars 1.7/3

UNIV       2.0/3        La Fea Más Bella 2.5/4, Mundo de Fieras 2.0/3, Ver Para Creer 1.4/2

TELE      0.6/1         Marina 0.6/1, Amor Mio 0.5/1, Amores 0.5/1, Decisiones 0.6/1

A18-49: ABC 4.7/13, FOX 4.2/11, CBS 3.4/9, NBC 2.6/7, CW 1.6/4, UNIV 1.5/4, TELE 0.4/1

Wednesday – A18-49 Analysis:  CBS was the top network Wednesday night at 3.6/11 A18-49, according to fast affiliate ratings from Nielsen Media Research. FOX was second at 2.2/7, and then came NBC 2.0/6, ABC 1.8/5, CW 1.5/4, UNIV 1.4/4 and TELE 0.3/1. CBS led a clean sweep of the evening starting at 8p with Jericho in first place with 2.5/8; ABC’s Show Me the Money and FOX’s movie tied for second at 2.1/6 each. At 9p, CBS did best with Criminal Minds at 4.2/12, while FOX’s movie came next at 2.4/7. During 10p, CBS delivered the same #1 ratings – 4.2/12 for CSI: NY and NBC’s Medium was #2 at 2.5/7.

Live + Same Day Household Ratings: Wednesday, November 22, 2006 – SWEEP DAY #21 time period averages. Source: Nielsen Media Research

CBS        8.6/15        Jericho 6.1/11, Criminal Minds 10.2/17, CSI: NY 9.4/17

ABC        3.8/7           Show Me the Money 5.2/9, Day Break 3.4/6, The Nine 2.9/5

NBC        3.7/6           Madonna: Confessions Tour 3.2/5, Medium 4.8/8

FOX        3.6/6           Movie: Cheaper by the Dozen 3.6/6

CW         2.3/4           America’s Next Top Model 2.7/5, One Tree Hill 1.8/3

UNIV      1.9/3           La Fea Más Bella 2.2/4, Mundo de Fieras 1.8/3, Don Francisco Presenta 1.7/3

TELE      0.5/1           Marina 0.5/1, Amor Mio 0.5/1, Amores 0.5/1, Decisiones 0.5/1

A18-49: CBS 3.6/11, FOX 2.2/7, NBC 2.0/6, ABC 1.8/5, CW 1.5/4, UNIV 1.4/4, TELE 0.3/1

Thursday – A18-49 Analysis:
ABC took the #1 prize Thursday night with 4.7/13 A18-49, according to fast affiliate ratings from Nielsen Media Research. In second place was CBS at 4.2/12, and then NBC 4.0/11, FOX 2.9/8, UNIV 1.0/3, CW 0.7/2 and TELE 0.3/1. CBS’ Survivor was first at 8p with 4.3/13, followed by NBC’s Deal or No Deal at 3.1/9. At 9p, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy topped the other networks at #1 with 7.6/20, followed by CBS’ CSI at 5.2/14. Then at 10p, NBC’s ER was first at 5.0/14 and ABC’s Shark was second at 3.7/10.
Live + Same Day Household Ratings: Thursday, November 23, 2006 – SWEEP DAY #22 time period averages. Source: Nielsen Media Research

CBS       8.2/15       Survivor: Cook Islands 7.0/14, CSI 9.9/18, Shark 7.7/14

ABC       7.1/13        Ugly Betty 5.3/10, Grey’s Anatomy 10.5/19, Prime Time Special 5.6/10

NBC       6.9/13         Deal or No Deal 6.5/12, ER 7.8/15

FOX       4.5/8          Movie: Spider Man 2 4.5/8

UNIV      1.2/2          La Fea Más Bella 1.4/3, Mundo de Fieras 1.1/2, Aqui y Ahora 1.1/2

CW        0.9/2          Smallville [r] 1.1/2, Supernatural [r] 0.8/1

TELE      0.4/1          Su Excelencia 0.4/1, El Señor Doctor 0.4/1

A18-49: ABC 4.7/13, CBS 4.2/12, NBC 4.0/11, FOX 2.9/8, UNIV 1.0/3, CW 0.7/2, TELE 0.3/1

Friday – A18-49 Analysis
: CBS was the winner Friday night with 2.8/9 A18-49, according to fast affiliate ratings from Nielsen Media Research. ABC followed next with 2.4/7, and then FOX 2.1/7, NBC 2.1/7, CW 1.3/4, UNIV 1.3/4 and TELE 0.3/1. CBS led at 8p with Ghost Whisperer at 3.1/10, with ABC’s Shrek 2 movie in second at 2.1/7. The second half of ABC’s movie was first at 9p with 2.7/8, while CBS’ Close to Home and FOX’s movie tied for second at 2.3/7 apiece. CBS won again at 10p with Numb3rs at 2.9/9, and this time NBC’s movie came second at 2.4/7.
Live + Same Day Household Ratings: Friday, November 24, 2006 – SWEEP DAY #23 time period averages. Source: Nielsen Media Research

CBS       7.0/13      Ghost Whisperer 6.6/12, Close to Home 6.8/12, Numb3rs 7.4/14

NBC       4.5/8         Movie: The Family Man 4.5/8

ABC       4.4/8         Movie: Shrek 2 4.3/8, 20/20 4.6/8

FOX       3.2/6         Movie: Bruce Almighty 3.2/6

CW        2.5/4         Friday Night Smackdown! 2.5/4

UNIV     1.7/3         La Fea Más Bella 2.1/4, Mundo de Fieras 1.6/3, Casos de la Vida Real: Edición Especial 1.3/2

TELE     0.4/1         Marina 0.5/1, Amor Mio 0.4/1, Amores 0.4/1, Decisiones 0.5/1

A18-49: CBS 2.8/9, ABC 2.4/7, FOX 2.1/7, NBC 2.1/7, CW 1.3/4, UNIV 1.3/4, TELE 0.3/1

Saturday – A18-49 Analysis:
ABC tallied up a win Saturday night with a 4.4/13 A18-49, according to fast affiliate ratings from Nielsen Media Research. FOX finished second with 2.5/7, and then CBS 2.2/7, NBC 1.6/5, UNIV 1.1/3 and TELE 0.3/1. ABC charged through each primetime hour by winning with Saturday Night Football: at 8p ABC was #1 with 4.4/14, with FOX’s two Cops episodes averaging a 2.6/8 in second; at 9p ABC won with 4.3/13, followed by CBS’ CSI repeat at 2.5/7; and at 10p ABC scored its highest number with 4.6/14, while CBS’ 48 Hours Mystery came in second at 2.1/6.
Live + Same Day Household Ratings: Saturday, November 25, 2006 – SWEEP DAY #24 time period averages. Source: Nielsen Media Research

ABC      8.0/14        Saturday Night Football: Notre Dame @ Southern California 8.0/14

CBS      5.3/9           Criminal Minds [r] 5.0/9, CSI [r] 5.9/10, 48 Hours Mystery 4.9/9

NBC      4.3/8          Dateline: NBC [r] 4.0/7, Law & Order: SVU [r] 4.9/9

FOX      4.0/7          Cops 3.9/7, Cops [r] 4.5/8, America’s Most Wanted 3.8/7

UNIV     1.5/3         Sábado Gigante 1.5/3

TELE     0.4/1         Pepe Aguilar: En Concierto 0.5/1, Cinemundo del Sabado 0.3/1

A18-49: ABC 4.4/13, FOX 2.5/7, CBS 2.2/7, NBC 1.6/5, UNIV 1.1/3, TELE 0.3/1




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Monday, December 4, 2006

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The History Channel presents This Day in History:
1582: A young William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway at the age of 18. At 26, Hathaway was older than Shakespeare and at the time of their marriage, she was carrying his first child. Very little is known about Hathaway, who lived for most of her life in the smaller town of Stratford, England while her husband William dedicated himself to writing and performing his plays in London.

Answer to Wednesday’s Trivia Question: On which show does Jackie convince Kyle and Chardonnay to raise her baby?  FOOTBALLER’S WIVES  Kudos to:  Nancy Hirsch-WLNY/NY; Kathy Trice-Chernoff Newman Silver Gregory/Columbia SC; Crystal Barnes-TUMI Inc/South Plainfield; Gina Sirico/NY; Kathy Yarbrough-The Graham Group/New Orleans; Ted Blumberg-Cuneo Advertising/Minneapolis; Melissa Hernandez-KABB Fox 29/KMYS MY 35/San Antonio TX; Karen Shiffman-WFLD/WPWR-TV/Chicago; William “Chip” Beaman-Soundelux Design Music Group/Hollywood, CA; Sandra Piha-Cineflix International/London

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WHAT’S ON TONIGHT:  Monday, November 27, 2006

ABC:    Wife Swap, The Bachelor; Rome [f ]
CBS:    How I Met Your Mother, The Class, Two and a Half Men, Old Christine, CSI: Miami
CW:     Everybody Hates Chris, All of Us, Girlfriends, The Game
FOX:    Prison Break [f ], House [r]
i:      Mama’s Family, Mama’s Family, Growing Pains, Growing Pains, Diagnosis Murder
MNT:    Desire, Fashion House
NBC:    Deal or No Deal, Heroes, Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip
TELE:   Marina, Amor Mio, Amores, Decisiones
UNIV:   La Fea Mas Bella, Mundo de Fieras, Cristina

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