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Cynopsis: 10th Anniversary Special Edition: “2000”


Greetings! It’s Monday, July 16, 2007 and this is your Cynopsis Special Edition, taking a look back at the Year 2000.

Despite all the fears, the world did not come to an end as the calendar changed over to 2000, though TV audiences were watching in droves that first night – ABC’s worldwide coverage drew in 175 million viewers for its 24 hour marathon. 

Diversity at the network level became a major issue and broadcast and cable nets outlined their various initiatives to bring more cultural diversity in front of the camera and behind.  It was the year of Time Warner and AOL, Seagram and Vivendi, VNU and AC Nielsen. And it was the year of living dangerously — dangling chads, the XFL, Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football and Dr. Laura.

So here’s the quick recap … a look back to 2000:


Freaks and Geeks voted #1 Best Show of 1999 by TV Guide, Time and ET, and is cancelled on March 20th

Millionaire continues – now airing 3x a week; 21, Greed and Winning Lines don’t

David Letterman has no trouble getting thru quintuple bypass surgery

SoapNet launches

Oxygen launches on 02-02-00

Charlie Sheen replaces Michael J. Fox in the lead role on Spin City – Fox’s personal series finale episode delivered 32.8 million viewers

Fox marries a millionaire to an unwilling bride

Well ahead of his time, Tom Fontana’s new show The Beat (UPN) tells its backstory on the internet, four weeks prior to premiere

George Clooney exec produces Fail Safe, airing live in primetime on CBS, with A List cast

NBC’s God, The Devil and Bob gets banned in nine markets

Star Trek Voyager says season #7 will be its last

NBC gives multi-year renewal to Law & Order and L&O: SVU, and orders up L&O: Criminal Intent

ABC goes dark for 36 hours on Time Warner systems in 11 cities

CBS airs Nick Jr. shows on Saturday mornings

La Femme Nikita is reported dead  … and is later revived

Cable network Romance Classics changes its name to WE (Women Entertainment)


Ainsley Herriot came across the big pond, only to be sent back

MTV’s Real World debuts in syndication

Robin Givens tries to keep Forgive & Forget alive, but viewers forgot

Dr. Laura tries her brand of talk radio on syndicated TV, and everyone was talking (or protesting) about it

Oprah is sticking around, Rosie says she won’t

Kathie Lee leaves Regis … and the auditions begin until BVT settles on Kelly Ripa



·         #8 in Prime Time HH ratings (1.1 rating) in June.
·         Hallmark Channel ranked among the top 10 for each month of the second quarter.

Source:  Nielsen Galaxy Explorer; Live+SD delivery and coverage area ratings based on monthly average ratings(4/2-4/29/07, 4/30-5/27/07, 5/28-7/1/07), Prime = M-Su 8-11p.  Further qualifications available upon request.


AOL and Time Warner merged

By year’s end, Viacom picks up CBS, UPN, BET, WWF, CMT, TNN, King World, Eyemark, but doesn’t get the Chris Craft station group which goes to News Corp for 43.3 billion

Publicis acquires DeWitt Media

Tribune acquires Times Mirror, giving it a total of 22 TV stations, 11 newspapers, 4 radio stations, the Chicago Cubs, a piece of The WB and various internet ventures

Seagram merges with Vivendi

Emmis buys Lee Enterprises for $562.5 million

Barry Diller sells USA Broadcasting Group to Univision for 41.1 billion

VNU purchase AC Nielsen for $2.3 billion

Haim Saban exercises option to sell his 49.5% stake in Fox Family Worldwide

etc …

Warren Beatty didn’t run for President after all

TiVO and Blockbuster will launch a movies on-demand PPV service

The XFL launched on February 1st with Governor Jesse Ventura in the booth

Striking commercial actors stay out for six months before a new contract is ratified

Don Ohlmeyer returns to Monday Night Football and brings Dennis Miller with him

FCC votes to retain the 35% ownership cap rule

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince is just Prince again

AOLTV launches

Iron Chef Morimoto comes to midtown Manhattan and fillets Bobby Flay

Bryant Gumbel forgets his hot mike and makes a comment displeasing to his guest – a supporter of blocking gay men from becoming Boy Scout leaders

Karmazin quote:  “UPN will become profitable or it won’t exist”  …. how did he know?

Cats finally closes on Broadway

The FTC raises concern over advertising movies, video games and magazines to minors

Harry Pappas announces the formation of Azteca America

Bob Barker rescues the chickens used on CBS’ Big Brother

FCC lifts Equal Time rules

A really really long year for the NAPSTER guys

Cynopsis begins taking advertising, grows to 3,500 subscribers, reaching 93 of top 100 markets and nearly all networks

Election night lasts longer than many new fall series

Oprah launches O magazine; Rosie announces McCall’s will now be titled Rosie’s McCall’s


Sally Bell bids farewell to family-owned Claster TV and opens Claster media Group

Nick Trigony retires

Doug Herzog and Patricia Fili-Krushel resigns … Gail Berman and Alex Wallau respectively step in … Garth Ancier is out, Zucker is upped … Stephen Chao returns

Barry Thurston announces his departure from Columbia Tristar Television – Steve Mosko moves in

Barry Baker resigns

Ward Huey announces his retirement at the end of the year

Henry Cisneros steps down as Pres/COO of Univision

Kaplan is out at CNN, Philip Kent is in

Rich Cronin is out at Fox Family … Maureen Smith is in

Greg Nathanson announces his departure from Emmis

Bob Cook gets top job at 20th

Richard Roeper joins Roger Ebert

Diane Robina named GM of TNN

John Popkowski steps down from MTVN Sales

And the successor to Jack Welch is … (drum role) …  Jeffrey Immelt.  Who? 


Jim Varney … Charles Schulz … Rick Jacobson … Nancy Marchand … Jason Robards … Sir Alec Guinness … Walter Matthau … Sir John Gielgud … Victor Borge … Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. … Hedy Lamarr … Larry Linville … Steve Allen … Werner Klemperer … Doug Henning … Loretta Young … Richard Farnsworth … Julie London … Richard Mulligan … Meredith MacRae … Judd Rose … Durward Kirby … Hoyt Curtin.

And that’s 2000.  Check here on August 13 for the 2001 Cynopsized edition … and you can check for all the Special Editions so far (under the Our Anniversary) tab.

Later — Cyn

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