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Cynopsis: Kids!


Good morning. It’s Monday, August 3, 2009, and this is your first early morning Kids briefing.

PBS Kids Go unveils plans at TCA to launch the new series Wilson & Ditch: Digging America exclusively online at this fall.  Produced by The Jim Henson Company and targeted to K6-10 the series follows two humorous gopher brothers learning about American culture, history and geography make their way to famous  and less so  destinations across the country in their green-powered van.  The series also features interactive games, original comics as well as blogs and podcasts featuring Wilson and Ditch.  Created by Joe Purdy (story editor/Dinosaur Train, Sid The Science Kid) and Craig Bartlett (creator/Dinosaur Train, Hey Arnold), Purdy will pen the website content, with Bartlett directing the animated segments creating the site’s comic strip material.


Cartoon One, a Rome-based indie animation studio, is completing production on the series Red Caps (26×26), a co-production with Epidem ZOT Finland.  Targeted to K6-9, the action/comedy is designed to encourage kids to stand up for their rights and take responsibility for the planet and environment as the Red Caps set out on a different adventure in each episode.  The series, which will be screened at MIPJunior, has been pre-sold to RTL 2 (Germany) and will also be broadcast in 2other countries across Turkey and the Middle East from September.  A Red Caps 3D feature film, The Magic Crystal, will be completed next year.  Additionally, a series of Red Caps books, online games and community as well as board games are slated for next year too.

In other news Cartoon One and Germany’s HG Films have begun production on season four of their comedy/action series School For Vampires.  Slated for completion at the start of 2010, the fourth season is comprised of 26×13 episodes for a total of 104×13 episodes.  The first three seasons School For Vampires have been acquired to DVD distributors for Russia, Ukraine and CIS, Portugal and Turkey.  Cartoon One will offer both new and previous episodes of the series at MIPJunior this fall.


Spin Master launches its new teen fashion doll line, Liv Dolls, and a corresponding virtual world Livworld .com in the US and Canada.  Targeted to girls 5years-old+, the initial line of Liv dolls includes four teen characters, Daniela, Sophie, Katie and Alexis, that are designed to be like an average teen, each with their own back story, look, interest, personality and various challenges (e.g. Katie is great on wheels but other than that she’s a klutz).  Each doll and each accessory comes with a access code that opens online content and features specific (daily diaries, games, accessories, webisodes etc.) to that character or product.  The Liv dolls (US$19.99 each) can stand, feature 14 points of articulation and have a range of accessories (wigs, bags and the like between US$5.49-$19.99), will roll out internationally later this year.

Also at TCA, PBS Kids is launching its Curious George Coloring Book app for the iPhone and iPod.  Designed for preschoolers, the app ($2.99) is an interactive art supply kit including a color wheel of 45 colors, a set of virtual stickers and coloring pages as well as a personal art gallery (that kids can email artwork from, set as wallpaper etc.).  The Curious George app was developed in partnership with Mobile Deluxe and series producers, NBC Universal.

CPLG inks a licensing deal with Jumbo Games for Horrid Henry.  Under the deal brokered by CPLG UK, Jumbo Games will serve as the puzzle and games partner for the property.  To begin a Horrid Henry puzzle will be available exclusively in Smyths of Ireland in September, with several others set for release January 2010 including of a 100-piece glow in the dark puzzle.  Orion Publishing will release Horrid Henry Wakes The Dead, a new Horrid Henry story from author Francesca Simon, on October 1, 2009.

Lands’ End launches Packland an online world for kids where they can explore in four different environments, jungle, ocean, fantasy world or a spy lab where they can create their own virtual backpack.  In each of the four environments, kids can Pack Art to add to their backpack (e.g. gear and gadgets) as well as changing the backpack’s color, giving it a name and sharing their creations with friends or printing from the site too.


Weekend Box Office Estimates for kids/tweens/teens rated G, PG or PG-13; July 31-August 2, 2009:
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Warner Bros.) PG             $17.7m-3 wk total $255.5m
G-Force (Buena Vista) PG                                                          $17.1m-2 wk total $66.5m
Aliens in the Attic (Fox) PG                                                        Opening Weekend $7.8m
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Fox) PG                                    $5.3m-5 wk total $181.8m
The Proposal (Buena Vista) PG-13                                               $4.8m-7 wk total $148.9m
Transformers: Revenge/Fallen (Paramount (DreamWorks)) PG-13 $4.6m-6 wk total $388.1m
(500) Days of Summer (Fox Searchlight) PG-13                           $2.8m-3 wk total $6.8m
Up (Buena Vista) PG                                                                  $1.1m-10 wk total $286.0m
My Sister’s Keeper (Warner Bros.) PG-13                                    $645,000-6 wk total $46.7m
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (Fox) PG             $535,000-11 wk total $174.0m
Source: Rentrak ( )


Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Kids 2-11 for the week of 7/20-7/26/09 , 6a-6a:
K2-11                                             Total Delivery (000)
DSNY*: Wizards of Waverly Place (7/24; 8-8:45p)     2623
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (7/20; 12:30p)       2416
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (7/21; 5:30p)         2358
DSNY*: Hannah Montana (7/21; 5p)                         2338
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (7/20; 1p)              2304
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (7/20; 5p)              2199
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (7/21; 5p)              2167
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (7/20; 12p)            2157
DSNY*: Hannah Montana (7/26; 7:30p)                    2142
NICK:    SpongeBob SquarePants (7/20; 5:30p)         2139
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not an ad supported cable network, unlike the others in this listing.

Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Kids 6-11 for the week of 7/20-7/26/09 , 6a-6a:
K6-11                                                              Total Delivery (000)
DSNY*: Wizards of Waverly Place (7/24; 8-8:45p)                      2176
DSNY*: Hannah Montana (7/21; 5p)                                         1973
DSNY*: Hannah Montana (7/26; 7:30p)                                     1758
DSNY*: Suite Life on Deck (7/21; 4:30p)                                   1705
DSNY*: Suite Life on Deck (7/24; 8:45-9:10p)                           1705
DSNY*: Sky High (7/20; 8-9:45p)                                             1674
DSNY*: Sonny With A Chance (7/26; 8p)                                   1610
DSNY*: Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl (7/26; 9-10:40p) 1607
DSNY*: Phineas and Ferb (7/24; 9:10-9:35p)                             1509
DSNY*: Wizards of Waverly Place (7/24; 10-10:25p)                   1584
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not an ad supported cable network, unlike the others in this listing.

Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Tweens 9-14 for the week of 7/20-7/26/09 , 6a-6a:
Tweens 9-14                                  Total Delivery (000)
DSNY*: Wizards of Waverly Place (7/24; 8-8:45p)     2068
DSNY*: Hannah Montana (7/26; 7:30p)                    1846
DSNY*: Suite Life on Deck (7/24; 8:45-9:10p)          1590
DSNY*: Hannah Montana (7/21; 5p)                         1587
DSNY*: Sonny With A Chance (7/26; 8p)                  1480
DSNY*: Suite Life on Deck (7/21; 4:30p)                  1429
DSNY*: Hannah Montana (7/23; 10:30p)                  1422
DSNY*: Phineas and Ferb (7/24; 9:10-9:35p)           1407
DSNY*: Wizards of Waverly Place (7/25; 9-9:45p)     1383
DSNY*: Wizards of Waverly Place (7/24; 10-10:25p) 1373
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not an ad supported cable network, unlike the others in this listing.

Top 10 Combined Broadcast/Basic Cable shows among Teens 12-17 for the week of 7/20-7/26/09 , 6a-6a:
Teens 12-17                                      Total Delivery (000)
DSNY*:   Hannah Montana (7/26; 7:30p)                     1305
DSNY*:   Wizards of Waverly Place (7/24; 8-8:45p)      1061
FAM:       Secret life of the American Teen (7/20; 8-9p)  986
DSNY*:   Wizards of Waverly Place (7/25; 9-9:45p)        821
DSNY*:   Sonny With A Chance (7/26; 8p)                     816
DSNY*:   Suite Life on Deck (7/24; 8:45-9:10p)             788
ADSM**: Family Guy (7/21; 11:30p)                             787
DSNY*:   Suite Life on Deck (7/21; 4:30p)                     786
ADSM**: Family Guy (7/26; 11p)                                  786
ADSM**: Family Guy (7/21; 11p)                                  765
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data
*Disney Channel is not an ad supported cable network, unlike the others in this listing.
**Abbreviation for Adult Swim, which airs on Cartoon Network

Live + Same Day Ratings Kids Cable Network Averages (000) for Thursday, July, 30, 2009, 6am-11pm, ranked by K2-11:
DISNEY CHANNEL:    K2-11 1167; K6-11 807; TWEENS 9-14 655
NICKELODEON:         K2-11 1156; K6-11 673; TWEENS 9-14 554
CARTOON NETWORK: K2-11   643; K6-11 471; TWEENS 9-14 355
DISNEY XD:               K2-11   256; K6-11 183; TWEENS 9-14 170
Source: MTVN Research from Nielsen Media Research Data


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JOB OPENING: ACCOUNT ANALYST/iN DEMAND/NYC: Develop/Implement procedures to collect revenue and report data from affiliates. Bachelor’s degree (Accounting preferred) and cable/collections exp req. Apply: [email protected] (8/7)

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JOB OPENING: SR RESEARCH ANALYST NICK KIDS & FAMILY/NYC: 2 yrs natl resch exp.Strong analytical/detail/organiz sk.Expert w/Nielsen, Npower. Strong written/oral comm. sk.Prof in MS Office. EOE/M/F/D/AAP. Apply (8/5)

JOB OPENING: SR MANAGER, CONTENT PARTNERSHIPS/ PRN (the in-store TV media leader)/LA: 8+ yrs exp in developing content provider relationships, must be well connected to networks, cable, studios, etc. (8/5)

JOB OPENING: ART DIRECTOR/Nicktoons/Freelance/NY:Mng schedule/workflow & art dir. for in-house design grp. Oversee art direction for all onair/offair projects by freelancers/design firms. EOE/M/F/D/AAP apply: [email protected] (8/5)

JOB OPENING: DIRECTOR, MARKETING/MTV/NYC. Min 7yrs exp. in promos or consumer marketing w/in entertainment, media or music industry. Exp. w/ promotions management and online marketing content. EOE/M/F/D/AAP apply (8/4)

JOB OPENING: DIGITAL AE/ABC Family/NYC: Develop, maintain, grow revenue against strategic advertising accounts for 3+ yrs digital sales exp Apply Req # 198753 (8/4)

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JOB OPENING: IN HOUSE FREELANCE INTERACTION DESIGNER, DIG MEDIA/Sesame Workshop/NY: 3+ yrs dig. media design & user interface dvlpmt exp (multi-client design firm/vendor-side exp) EOE/M/F/D/AAP Apply  [email protected] (8/4)

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JOB OPENING: DVLPMNT EXEC/NY: Est’d prod. Co. seeks creative, workaholic, self-starter to oversee reality & non-fiction dvlpmnt. Solid ind contacts, exceptional ideas & exp selling to ntwrks a must. Res/Cvr Ltr: [email protected] (8/4)

JOB OPENING: AD SALES RESEARCH SR MGR/ION/NY: Great opp w/ media brand, 6+ yrs ad sales research exp, strong analytic skills & strategic thinking vital, Galaxy/N Power/MRI/TNS req’d. EOE. Apply [email protected] (8/1)


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