Reelz Taps Underserved Market By Getting Real

Heading into Upfront season, Cynopsis sat down with REELZ SVP of Advertising Sales Bill Rosolie to discuss the challenges and opportunities for advertisers heading into the 18-19 Upfront. 

Cynopsis: What are the most pressing challenges that advertisers will face in this year’s Upfront?

Bill Rosolie: The Upfront environment and overall media marketplace has grown even more challenging for advertisers and their agencies due to the ongoing decrease in C3 GRPs, doubts about digital ROI and the benefits of network-supplied big data. Not only are there fewer GRPs, but there are fewer places to go thanks to consolidation of media companies, which has tilted the leverage in an under-supplied and over-demanded marketplace to network groups. The good news is, REELZ provides both value and growth of a desirable female-skewing audience in a high-quality programming environment that explores the real lives and real stories of real celebrities.

Cynopsis: So where do you see opportunities existing for agencies during the Upfront season?

Rosolie: It’s time to get to know the independents. Heading into the 18-19 Upfront, REELZ continues to be an effective part of their media solution and an alternative to the loss of audience and high price increases of big networks.  We’re one of a handful of committed and growing independent networks and equate our success to solving the problems of our partners. Advertisers clearly want to be where viewers are going and REELZ delivers a growing and engaged audience, thus giving agencies extended reach and effectiveness.

Cynopsis: How does REELZ differentiate itself from the other general entertainment networks?

Rosolie: REELZ has a unique, celebrity brand centered around the real lives and real stories of real celebrities – no other network occupies that space. Our programming digs deeper to reveal the “what” and the “why” behind celebrity, resulting in a highly engaged audience.  

In early 2015, we identified the needs of a market segment that was being underserved in both viewers and advertisers. During the last three years we’ve delivered on this brand promise, the result being audience growth especially against females. Collectively, and in the uniquely collaborative environment that partnering with an independent can provide, this has had a direct influence on the network adding more than 75 new accounts last year alone. It is remarkable that our network has grown its audience year after year in a universe that has shrunk dramatically during the same timeframe. We will continue that relationship with our advertising partners in this year’s Upfront by providing a high-quality, attractive and flexible solution.

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