Vo Williams Writes TV Music “With Purpose”

The resume of music industry trailblazer Vo Williams includes Empire, Ballers, Lethal Weapon, SNL and Atlanta. Williams, who aims to write music “with purpose,” talks about music’s place in storytelling.

Cynopsis: How did you get started writing music for TV shows?

Vo Williams: In 2014, my good friend and frequent collaborator Sjae, linked me up with Robin Loxley. Loxley is a songwriter and producer based out of the U.K., and is a seasoned veteran in music for media. He was visiting the States at the time, and looking for a writer to collaborate with. When we met in the studio the chemistry and the energy was powerful. We wrote our first song together within an hour or so, and from that point it was on. 

Cynopsis: How would you describe your music?

Williams: I think if I were introducing my music to anyone, I would describe it as Epic hip hop. My goal is to write hip hop that has size and scale. I want to write music with purpose that possesses emotional gravity. My music is like a soundtrack for overcoming challenges and making powerful breakthroughs.

Cynopsis: What kind of impact would you like your music to have on the audience?

Williams: If nothing else I want to empower my listeners. I want people to use my music to supercharge their confidence and self love. Cynopsis: How do you think music affects video storytelling?

Williams: Music is such a powerful element to drive the emotional tone of a moment in cinema. Music is used in almost every second in every form of media, and is so prevalent that when a scene is without music, it almost feels like the boldest choice. Unlike reality, where we are left to more openly interpret events, storytellers are able to use music to control how we perceive events, characters, and places in each story.

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