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Entries are now open for the sixth annual Cynopsis Sports Media Awards, celebrating the best in show both in front of and behind the cameras for the sports industry. The awards will celebrate the talented work of producers, hosts, sponsors and executives alike, saluting the initiatives that drove audiences and turned sports viewers into fans. Crossing the spectrum of television, radio, and online platforms, our list tackles all the corners of the industry including best series and savvy marketing tactics as well as top digital content. 

Over the last few years, Cynopsis Sports has celebrated innovative campaigns and stand out professionals from a range of companies, among them AOL Inc., Atlanta Braves, Big Ten Network, Bleacher Report, CBS Sports Digital, Condé Nast Entertainment, ESPN, FOX Sports Media Group, Golf Channel, Intersport, Lagardere Sports, Madison Square Garden Network, MLB, MSG Networks, MVPindex, NASCAR, NBA, NBC Sports Agency, NeuLion, New York Red Bulls, NFL Media, Pac-12 Networks, PGA TOUR Digital, Red Bull Media House, Showtime Networks Inc., SNY, Sony Pictures Television, Spike TV, TeamWorks Media, The Players’ Tribune, Turner Sports, UFC, Univision Deportes, Whistle Sports, The Lacrosse Network, WWE, YES Network and more. (To view the complete lists, please view our past event pages for 2014/2015/2016.)

We look forward to seeing your entries! 

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Who Should Enter?

The Cynopsis Sports Media Awards are open to all individuals and teams worldwide including: networks, MSOs, teams, leagues, associations, universities, production companies/studios, producers, video game developers/producers, website developers, app developers/producers, licensing companies, marketing companies, PR firms, ad agencies, creative services teams, and developers. Vendors are also eligible to compete on behalf of clients. The program is open to national and international entrants. Multiple entries are accepted, and a single entry can be entered into more than one category. Please follow the “How to Enter” instructions below for each additional category you will be entering.


What does it mean to win a Sports Media Award? Here are just some of the benefits:

■ Recognition at awards breakfast on April 13, 2017 at the New York Athletic Club
■ Editorial coverage in Cynopsis Sports eNewsletter
■ Editorial coverage online:
■ Award logo to use on your site and for marketing
■ And most importantly: winning a Sports Media Award positions your program & your people as leaders.

Eligibility Period

To be eligible, the entry/campaign initiative must have taken place (either in part or in full) between January 1, 2016 and January 1, 2017. The program or initiative must have been initiated during this time, but it’s not necessary for it to be completed during the eligibility period. Note: although we welcome international entries/campaigns, they must have been at least partly accessible in the North American market.

All entries are held in strict confidence and we will not share information unless we receive permission from the entrant.

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How to Enter

The entry process is completed solely online: First, you will be guided through the registration process, and then the entry (synopsis + supporting materials) and payment process.

The entry process is completed solely online: First, you will be guided through the registration process, and then the entry (synopsis + supporting materials) and payment process.

For Campaign/Content/Tech Categories:

Please include a 400-word synopsis describing your entry using the following sub headings:

■ Objectives
■ Strategy
■ Tactics
■ Execution
■ Evaluation of Success/Results/ ROI

While these headings are not mandatory, we do recommend using as many as you can as it relates to your entry. The more information provided, the better!

For People Categories:

Please include a 400-word synopsis describing the individual, using the following sub headings:

■ Specific campaigns or efforts spearheaded by this person and related outcomes
■ Leadership qualities (ability to manage internally, intra-departmentally and externally)
■ Innovative thinking
■ Sound judgment
■ Flexibility
■ Creativity
■ Financial management (where applicable)

While these headings are not mandatory, we do recommend using as many as you can as it relates to your entry. The more information provided, the better!

Supporting materials should show evidence of the success of your work. Examples Include:

Web sites/URLs * ROI Stats * Media Coverage * Photos * Research Documents * Screenshots * Testimonials * Videos * Web Stats. For videos, please upload the raw file (mov, wma or mp4) or provide a link to the content to be viewed (youtube, vimeo, company’s website or another video sharing platform).


View Past Winners: 2014 // 2015 // 2016
Awards Event Photos: 2014 // 2015 // 2016
W9 – Access Intelligence LLC



Athlete in a Web Series/Special/Spot: This award honors an Athlete in scripted or unscripted series produced for the web, or an actor that transitioned from a web series/special/spot

B2B Program: It’s a win-win situation for these initiatives, which drive dollars for both parties.

Best Podcast Series: Which podcast series, primarily dedicated to sports, set the world ablaze? These shows took on this red hot genre and elevated the industry.

Brand Activation at Live Events: Whose brand marketing became an event within the event? This category recognizing brand marketing excellence and innovation that occurred during a live sporting event.

Documentary Series: Recognizing the quality of a TV or A web series produced specifically about an event that took place in the world of sports

Documentary Special/TV Movie: Recognizing the quality of a special or TV movie produced specifically about an event that took place in the world of sports.

Integrated Campaign for Networks (Marketing / PR / Advertising): Looking at a Network’s design, ease of use, copywriting, technology, innovation and content, this category recognizes the planning and communication techniques to deliver a seamless yet powerful message to audiences.

Live Coverage of Sporting Event (National): The big game! The award honors a live, single broadcast of a game or match by a National network or station.

Live Coverage of Sporting Event (Regional/Local): The big game! The award honors a live, single broadcast of a game or match by a Local network or station.

Live Stream Presentation: A single sporting event designed to be viewed online alone or in conjunction with a television network.

Marketing Campaign (National): Recognizing the creative use of marketing platforms to promote a sports-themed series or event that generated higher awareness and viewership for the National broadcast.

Marketing Campaign (Regional/Local): Recognizing the creative use of marketing platforms to promote a sports-themed series or event that generated higher awareness and viewership for the Regional/Local broadcast.

Marketing Initiative: What one new, untried tactic launched a thousand+ ships for an event, team or show?

Mobile App: Sure there’s an app for that, but who did it the best? This category recognizes excellence in developing a mobile application produced by or for a media network, sports league or team that is designed to engage sports fans on the go or create a second screen experience.

Network Sports Branding Campaign: Recognizing a long-term multiplatform promotional strategy designed to build an engaged fan base for a game or sports series.

New Sports Show: This category honors the best-sports-themed series in any category launched in the US Between Jan 1, 2016 – Jan 1, 2017.

Over the top (OTT) Content Service: Recognizing the app/service with a proven ability to delivery of sports’ video, audio and other media content over the web without a multiple system operator being involved in the control or distribution of the content.

Overall Social Media Excellence: The best campaign utilizing social media platforms that brought remarkable viral attention and creativity to a team, sports or sports-themes series.

Partnership with an Athlete: Honorees in the category would have maximized an alliance with an athlete to him/her synonymous with the brand and spike sales/tune-in as a result.

Pro-Social Campaign: A great use for a great cause. This category recognizes the importance of an on-air or off-air campaign leveraging sports fans to benefit a pro-social initiative.

Production Innovation: You’ve upgraded the viewing experience and audiences can now experience the game like never before! This category honors the new productions elements that transformed the telecast, from graphics to data to cameras and more.

Radio Program: Music to our ears. Best regularly scheduled local or national sports series that was broadcast through a local or national radio platform.

RSN of the Year: Which regional sports network stepped up its game and delivered knockout productions, terrific analysis and audience growth to match?

Seasonal Coverage (National): From the opening match to the national championship, this category honors national networks that have dedicated extensive resources into covering every kick, pass, throw, hit and/or maneuver from athletes at a single league throughout a single season.

Seasonal Coverage (Regional): From the opening match to the national championship, this category honors regional networks and stations that showcase programming dedicated to the local team throughout a single season.

Sports Blog: The best blog that covers news and updates about teams, leagues, players and the sports industry in general.

Spot (30 Seconds): An outstanding single 30 second video-based spot used to market or promote a specific sports program or event.

Spot (Over 30 Seconds): An outstanding single 30+ seconds video-based spot used to market or promote a specific sports program or event.

Studio Show: Best Television Series: An outstanding regularly scheduled program that aired in 2016 with eight or more episodes that specifically revolved around sports.

Talk Show: What program was able to break down a game or a signing, debate a personnel move with fellow analysts and keep audiences riveted along the way? This award recognizes excellence in a regularly scheduled series that is primarily interview-based and/or in a roundtable format discussing the state of a sport or sports.

Tune-In Promotion: Best use of an overall promotional campaign designed to drive viewers to a specific series or televised event.

Use of Facebook: Sure fans liked your Facebook campaign, but will the judges? This category honors innovation and efficiency in driving and engaging sports fans on your Facebook page. This category is for entries directly representing or independently covering a sports network, show, team or league.

Use of Instagram: Whether you grow your photo/video feed organically or utilize sponsored posts, this category honors innovation in engaging sports fans with your Instagram account.

Use of Integrated Sponsorship for Broadcast: Highlighting a particularly effective way to incorporate a sponsor into an on-air game, campaign or series.

Use of On-Air Design: Title sequences, bumpers, etc. The best work in the business will be honored for its stunning visual displays. 

Use of Snapchat: This category honors innovation in engaging sports fans with your Snapchat account and/or discover channel.

Use of Twitter: Leveraging this ubiquitous social media feed 140 characters at a time, your company, media network, sports league or team is a master at Twitter communications.

Virtual Reality:  Immersed in a game or sports experience, viewers were taken to new worlds from inside the stadium to ringside to mountaintops through this platform. Here are the best.

Webisode series:  An online-only program with five or more episodes revolving around sports.

Website: What online site was the best at raising TV viewing numbers for a series or sporting event?

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eSports Event of the Year: Fans flocked to see, both in person and via stream, eSports stars shine in their element. This category honors the best eSports tournaments from the past year

eSports Sponsor Activation: How did brands plug into the eSports base in 2016? These activations leveraged the power of gaming with smart and highly effective promotions to level up awareness.

eSports Production of the Year: Which stream/telecast raised the bar for esports audience? This category awards the production that brings the events to audiences and delivered a successful new way for fans to experience competition.

Ambassador Award for Personality of the Year: This person became the face for competitive gamers worldwide, as a caster, host, player, etc., engaging audiences and bringing a professional spark as an ambassador for the industry.


Digital Executive: Utilizing the final frontier of media platforms, whose tactics changed the way viewers absorb sports media on digital platforms and raised the bar for the future use of technology?

Marketing Executive: The person’s campaigns would have made tongues wag both inside and outside the sports industry, with a consistent message that brought in the fans, drove audiences and kept them coming back for more.


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All entries must be submitted online by January 31, 2017 at 11:59pm EST. Entries submitted between February 1 and February 14, 2017, will automatically incur a $225 late fee, per entry. Finalists will be notified mid-February and honored on April 13, 2017 in New York City.

Entry Fees

The price of each primary entry is $399. If you submit the same entry into multiple categories, the fee is $199 per additional category. Payment in full must accompany the entry and fees are non-refundable.

There is a late entry surcharge of $225 per entry beginning February 1, 2017.

Once your entry is submitted and paid for, you will be emailed a receipt confirming the payment. The receipt includes payment date, amount and card number. You can also download a full Invoice that has all the entries paid for listed on it.


For questions about the awards process, please contact:

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Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.15.24 AM        Jenn Ocampo: 203.906.4603

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.58.25 AM   click to become a Cynopsis subscriber


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