5 Trends for Networks to Note

Where, and how, TV viewers are watching is ever-evolving. Jon Giegengack, Principal and Founder of Hub Entertainment Research, the insights agency focused on the impact of technology on the way people discover, choose and consume media and entertainment content, offers some by-the-numbers intel.

  • Viewers are not abandoning pay TV: Among people who watch at least 5 hours of TV per week and have broadband, 88% have a cable, satellite, or telco TV subscription – down from 90% in 2014.

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  • But they are adopting and using other TV services in tandem. 64% of those pay TV subscribers also use Netflix, Amazon or Hulu (up from 47% in 2014)

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  • The number of viewers with multiple SVOD subscriptions is growing. Among those with any online TV subscriptions, 63% subscribe to two or more (up from 40% in 2015)

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  • People are spending more time watching the “big 3”: The majority of Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu users say they are watching those platforms more now than they were a year ago.

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  • For many, Live TV is no longer “home base”: 66% of viewers age 55+ say that live TV is their *default* – the first thing they turn on when they want to watch TV.   But viewers 18-34, as many default to Netflix (32%) as to live TV (35%)

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  • Respondents are US consumers who watch at least 5 hours of TV per week and have broadband at home
  • 2017 What’s TV Worth study conducted in April 2017
  • 2017 Decoding the Default conducted in June 2017
  • 2017 TV Redefined study conducted in August 2017

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