New Research: The Cynopsis Media Industry Report

Thursday, November 5 / 1:00-1:30pm ET
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The State of the Media & TV/Video Production Industry Study conducted by Cynopsis analyzes how leading media entertainment and TV/Video production companies are approaching today’s pressing challenges, issues and opportunities. There is a focus on the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the industry, as well an outlook for the future.

The 29-page study report is only available to our members (join here), but this complimentary webinar will provide a high-level look at the data and findings.

On November 4th, we’ll cover insights and analysis on: 

  • Strategic shifts and pivots
  • New market and business models and opportunities
  • Company and industry-wide revenue growth outlook for 2020 and 2021
  • Brand and advertiser reactions and trends
  • Opinions on the Upfronts market and schedules
  • Outlook on the shape of the industry in the future

The analysis is based on survey responses from more than 880 companies representing a wide cross-section of all segments of the industry. The information presented in the webinar will help executives make more informed decisions and improve strategies and tactics.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been significant on nearly all segments of the economy worldwide. For the media and TV/Video production industry, especially during the first phase of the epidemic, the disruption was historic.

The production shutdown, along with many brands cutting or holding back on advertising commitments, has had a major impact on the industry. This study and webinar quantifies the severity of this impact, but there’s also a positive outlook held by a majority of the industry executives who responded to the survey.

But as much as the pandemic has dominated the conversation, there are other major challenges and opportunities covered in the webinar including the shift to streaming/OTT and new AVOD/SVOD business models, cord-cutting, brands creating their own video content and going direct to consumers, and the critical issues related to audience engagement and measurement.

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Meet Our Executive Panel

Michael Hughes
Managing Director, Research

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Robbie Caploe

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