Music Supervisor

Music Supervisor

New York-based reality television production company is seeking a music supervisor. This person will be responsible for overseeing the placement of all music tracks in our programs, and ensuring all music is properly cleared prior to delivery.

Functions and Responsibilities:
– Ensure that post staff on projects have access to strong music options and are employing them optimally.

– Coordinate with Viacom’s CMI team for placement of 3rd party music in our productions for Viacom shows.

– Coordinate senior production personnel to evaluate possible integrations of cast music in future scenes.

– Create and deliver cue sheets for each program.

– Oversee stock libraries.

– Coordinate with R&C to ensure that all music is properly cleared prior to delivery, including feature tracks by talent.

Job Requirements:
Applicant must be local to the city listed on the job (or willing to work as a local).

Prior experience with Viacom programming preferred, but not necessary.

To Apply:
Please submit resume to [email protected]