General Manager, Pac-12 Enterprises

As a senior-level strategic entrepreneurial leader, this candidate comes with in-depth insight into today’s evolving media marketplace. The candidate has a unique combination of executive management, business development, and production operations leadership experience. The candidate has hands-on comprehension and a proven track record of developing, executing, and maximizing lucrative opportunities for production /media content organizations. The successful candidate is a proven team builder, able to assemble a diverse team of people, practices, and processes to launch revenue models, by bringing on new clients. As a strong leader, motivator, and mentor, who can get the most out of every person, with a management style that can best be described as hands-on, candid, and results-focused.

This position is hybrid role. It requires a significant presence at the production facility based at Bishop Ranch in San Ramon, CA. The ideal candidate would be located near the facility, or within the Pacific time zone.