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The unsung heroes who find and develop the brightest talent, create and foster upbeat and productive work environments, and motivate employees to achieve peak performance are key to the success of any company. The Cynopsis HR awards showcase these standout professionals and campaigns across the Entertainment, Digital and Sports media industries.

The program shines a light on leaders at every level, who do more than help attain strategic business objectives – they shape corporate culture. With over 20 categories to choose from there is something for everyone! Enter yourself or the most promising professionals on your team before June 30, 2016.

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All entries are judged by a panel of industry experts and are held in strict confidence. We will not share information unless we receive permission from the entrant.

Who Should Enter?

The Cynopsis HR Awards are open to HR professionals and teams worldwide including:

■ Broadcast and Cable Networks
■ Ad Agencies
■ Production companies/studios
■ Digital Media Companies
■ Licensing Companies
■ Marketing Firms
■ MSOs
■ PR Firms
■ Production Companies/Studios
■ Research and Measurement Companies
■ Sports Leagues and Associations

Managers who have led programs or initiatives directly related to hiring, employee retention, training or diversity efforts are also eligible to enter.

Multiple entries are accepted, and a single entry can be entered into more than one category. Please follow the “How to Enter” instructions below for each additional category you will be entering.

Eligibility Period

To be eligible, the entry campaign/initiative must have taken place (either in part or in full) between May 1, 2015, and May 31, 2016. For the individual categories, the entrants must have been employed (either in part or in full) between May 1, 2015, and May 31, 2016.

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How to Enter

The entry process is completed online:
First, you will be guided through the registration process, and then the entry (synopsis + supporting materials) and payment process.

For Campaign Categories:
Please include a 400-word synopsis describing your entry using the following sub headings:

■ Objectives
■ Strategy
■ Tactics
■ Execution
■ Evaluation of Success/Results

While these headings are not mandatory, we do recommend using as many as you can as it relates to your entry. The more information provided, the better!

For Individual and Team Categories:
Please include a 400-word synopsis describing the individual/team, using the following sub headings:

■ Specific campaigns or efforts spearheaded by this person/team and related outcomes
■ Leadership qualities (ability to manage internally, intra-departmentally and externally)
■ Innovative thinking
■ Sound judgment
■ Flexibility
■ Creativity
■ Financial management (where applicable)

While these headings are not mandatory, we do recommend using as many as you can as it relates to your entry. The more information provided, the better!

Supporting materials should show evidence of the success of your work. Examples Include:
Web sites/URLs * Stats * Media Coverage * Photos * Research Documents * Screenshots * Testimonials * Videos * Web Stats. For videos, please upload the raw file (mov, wma or mp4) or provide a link to the content to be viewed (youtube, vimeo, company’s website or another video sharing platform).


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All entries must be submitted online by June 30, 2016 at 11:59pm EST. Entries submitted between July 1 and July 7, 2016, will automatically incur a $175 late fee, per entry. Finalists will be notified in mid-August.

Entry Fees

The price of each primary entry is $375. If you are submitting a secondary entry for the same campaign into two or more categories, the price drops to $199 for each additional entry. Please note, the content for any tagged entries at the reduced rate will need to be the same as the original entry. Payment in full must accompany the entry and is not refundable.

There is a late entry surcharge of $175 per entry beginning July 1, 2016.

Once your entry is submitted and paid for, you will be emailed a receipt confirming the payment. The receipt includes payment date, amount and card number. You can also download a full Invoice that has all the entries paid for listed on it.


For questions about the awards process, please contact Marketing Manager Sarah Martinez:

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.28.13 PM       [email protected]

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.26.03 PM           office: 212.621.4613  cell: 646.295.1094

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.37.06 PM    click to become a Cynopsis subscriber


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Cynopsis Media, a division of Access Intelligence, is the publisher of five free trade publications for the television, media, digital, and sports TV industries. All editions include a very robust job section. We’ve been publishing and identifying great jobs for over 18 years and have a great success rate at churning out some of the best candidates industry wide. If you have any hiring needs check out our job board.