WimLink: Working to Solve the Gender Equality Issue

Shareablee and WimLink, which connects women in media and tech to promote leadership and professional development, are holding a special event, “Advancing Women – Leadership in Sports and Digital” on Thursday, April 26, 6p, at Shareablee’s offices. Tania Yuki, Founder and CEO of Shareablee, shares what it’s all about.     Cynopsis: How […]

To Really Measure the Tiger Woods Effect, Check the Data

By Doug Pollack, GM of aiTV Products & Innovation The Lotame aiTV team has just wrapped a study examining the composition of the Masters Tournament audience across millions of smart TVs. For the analysis, our aiTV platform, which delivers advanced TV audience targeting, was used to profile the tournament’s viewers. Here’s what we found.   […]

The “Funny Truth” About Mr. Clean

Aptly enough, the Mr. Clean “Cleaner of Your Dreams” campaign cleaned up at the Advertising Research Foundation’s 2018 David Ogilvy Awards, winning not only the Grand Winner prize, but a Gold for Brand Transformation. Dan Koutoulakis, Planning Director, Leo Burnett Canada around the “Cleaner of Your Dreams” campaign, talks about the surprising […]

Why True Crime Is Killing It On TV

ID renewed docu-series Fatal Vows, from CMJ Productions II Inc., for season 6. CMJ, which also produces true crime series The Will:  Family Secrets Revealed, Accident Investigator, Natural Born Outlaws, Guilty Rich, Outlaw Tech and A Stranger in my Home, announced it is developing Popular Crime with cult crime book author […]

National Geographic Reaches for the Stars With One Strange Rock

National Geographic is going out of this world with One Strange Rock, premiering Monday, March 26. Hosted by Will Smith, the 10-part docu-series from filmmaker Darren Aronofsky and producer Jane Root features astronauts sharing personal perspectives from their time in space. Tim Pastore, President, […]

Forged in Fire: Finding the Common in the Uncommon

A competition series that has bladesmiths attempting to recreate iconic swords might not have seemed like the (ahem) sharpest idea, but it’s a History hit. With season 5 of Forged in Fire premiering Tuesday, March 13, Jodi Flynn, President, Outpost Entertainment and executive producer of the series, explains why “under the radar” concepts can […]

Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry Gets Bigger

Season three of E!‘s Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry is airing Wednesdays at 9p, with celebs looking for advice, connections and closure. Stephanie Drachkovitch, 44 Blue Co-Founder and President talks about what’s different this time around. Cynopsis: How is this season of Hollywood Medium be different?  Stephanie Drachkovitch: We feel like we’ve […]

Hispanic Networks: An Unstoppable Evolution of Kids’ Content

HITN TV Programming and Acquisitions Director Erika Vogt, a veteran in the Hispanic media world, discusses the challenges Hispanic families face in the children’s entertainment market – and shares what HITN TV is doing about it. The children’s entertainment market faces numerous challenges, especially among Hispanic families in the United States. […]

Local News’ “Halo of Trust”

It’s no surprise Facebook is bringing more local news stories to users – according to a survey from Videa, most respondents said they trusted local news more than national news. Videa’s President, Shereta Williams, explains the “halo of trust” in the era of fake news, and how local stations can take advantage of evolving viewing habits. […]