Brands and Trust: It’s All About the Data

By Jeff Lucas, VP & Head of American Sales, Oath   For advertisers in 2018, brands matter, trust matters and solutions matter. Ad campaigns are only as strong as the environment in which they’re placed. Prioritizing brand-safe premium content helps to build a trusted brand identity.   You may recall from our

Vo Williams Writes TV Music “With Purpose”

The resume of music industry trailblazer Vo Williams includes Empire, Ballers, Lethal Weapon, SNL and Atlanta. Williams, who aims to write music “with purpose,” talks about music’s place in storytelling. Cynopsis: How did you get started writing music for TV shows? Vo Williams: In 2014, my good friend and frequent collaborator Sjae, linked me up […]

Three GDPR & Data Takeaways From This Year’s Cannes Lions

By Chris Hogg, Managing Director EMEA, Lotame    With this year’s Cannes Lions now in the books, what better time to reflect on some of the key themes of the festival? One of the biggest trends in the French Riviera last week was GDPR, which is now one-month young. Advertisers and marketers from all over […]

Whistle Sports: Reaching the New Young Demo

Whistle Sports, the entertainment media brand that creates, curates and distributes content for young audiences, has just raised over $28 million in funding led by global investment company Aser. Whistle Sports CEO John West talks about reaching and engaging young sports fans in new ways. Cynopsis: How is engaging young audiences different today than, say, […]

Five Things Viewers Don’t Know About History Survival Hit Alone

Season 5 of History survival hit Alone premieres Thursday June 14 at 10p, and will once again feature intrepid competitors braving harsh conditions, documenting the experience themselves – no camera crews allowed. Shawn Witt, executive producer of the series and co-president at Leftfield Pictures, offers behind-the-scenes intel.      1) […]

Esports Live! Using Technology to Create Maximum Impact

Esports live events involve many moving parts. WorldStage Inc., provider of audio, video and lighting equipment and services, answers the questions planners should be asking before they dive in. Seemingly out of the blue, electronic gaming in the form of live sporting events has become a phenomenon, attracting fans by the thousands to halls and […]

Grappling with GDPR: What Brands Need to Know About Data Privacy

As Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation forces companies worldwide to conform to stricter privacy standards, firms are struggling to determine how they can safely implement GDPR, protect user data from hackers, and be transparent in online advertising and communications to avoid a public backlash and/or regulatory penalty. Allie Bohm, Policy Counsel […]

Esports: Getting Pro Player Contracts Right

By Dan Ciccone, SVP, Managing Director at REV/XP As we all watched “rostermania” unfold leading up to the Call of Duty World League roster lock about a month ago, I was intrigued by the rumors and speculation put out by fans and endemic press outlets as to why events were unfolding the way that they […]

When it Comes to Commercials, Less is More at truTV

truTV has entered the Upfront advertising buying season buoyed by its Limited Commercial Interruption strategy. Network president Chris Linn explains how for his network, less really is more. Cynopsis: What research led to your taking this approach? Chris Linn: The initial idea really stemmed from us looking […]