1.  Who‘s been the best Emmy host of the past five years?
a.  Jimmy Fallon
b.  Jane Lynch
c.  Jimmy Kimmel
d.  Neil Patrick Harris
e.  Seth Meyers

2.  Which animated series has won the most Emmys?
a.  The Simpsons
b.  Family Guy
c.  South Park

3.  Percentage of Gen Z’s who want to see “real people” in advertising as opposed to celebrities? (Deep Focus/Cassandra Report)
a.  27
b.  42
c.  63
d.  81

4.  What was the most popular Halloween costume for girls in 2014 (Zulily)
a.  Witch
b.  Frozen’s Elsa
c.  The Little Mermaid
d.  ‘50s-style poodle skirt

5.  Which wise-cracking cartoon character celebrated his/her 75th birthday this summer?
a.  Betty Boop
b.  Bugs Bunny
c.  Foghorn Leghorn

6.  How many hours/week do K2-11 spend watching traditional television? (Nielsen)
a.  27
b.  25
c.  19
d.  24

7.  How much time/week do K2-11 spend watching time-shifted TV? (Nielsen)
a.  2:21
b.  1:46
c.  2:42
d.  3:11

8.  What will be the biggest trend in preschool viewing this year?
a.  More time spent watching programming on mobile devices
b.  More time spent watching programming on television
c.  More time watching programming on the Internet
d.  More time turning off screens and playing outside

9.  What’s the top consideration of parents when purchasing an app for their child?
a.  Educational value
b.  Price
c.  Availability of in-app purchases

10.  What was Apple’s most downloaded paid iPad app in 2014?
a.  Head’s Up
b. Cut the Rope 2
c.  Plants Vs. Zombies
d.  Minecraft  Pocket Edition

11.  Family co-viewing should be a kids programming goal…
a.  All the time
b.  For about half a programmer’s content
c.  Never

12. More than half of kids would prefer to watch video on a handheld device vs. the television?
a.  True
b.  False
(Fun fact: 57% of parents surveyed by Miner & Co. said their kids would prefer the device)

13.  In a recent survey, what percentage of parents said their kids would forgo dessert to spend quality time with their tablet? (Miner & Co.)
a.  23%
b.  35%
c.  41%
d.  58%

14.  How much time/week do Teens 12-17 spend watching video on the Internet? (Nielsen)
a.  32 minutes
b.  19 minutes
c.  26 minutes
d.  11 minutes

15.  What percentage of kids watch the same content on different devices simultaneously? (Miner & Co.)
a.  19%
b.  25%
c.  39%
d.  51%

16.  Kids 2-11 see an average of _______ ads per year? (Common Sense Media)
a.  8,700
b.  15,500
c.  25,600
d.  31,100

17.  What trend will drive kids gaming in the next few years?
a.  Tie-ins with television content
b.  Toys that interact with games
c.  Blurred lines between games and social media
d.  Players as creators

18.  What was the winning entre on MasterChef Junior this season?
a.  Braised beef cheek ravioli
b.  Herb-crusted lamb chop
c.   Saddle of venison with root vegetables
d.   Poached lobster
19.  What percentage of 7-17-year-olds expect to experience failure before success? (Deep Focus/Cassandra Report)
a. 26
b. 42
c.  50
d.  71