Branded Web Series: Informational


Philo_Porsche Title Card.001

Winner: Philo Broadcasting – Porsche. There is no substitute.

The six There Is No Substitute videos highlight the fact that Porche shares the same values as American entrepreneurs, as they promote their latest line of sports cars.

AT&T SummerBreak

Winner: AT&T, Inc. – @SummerBreak

@SummerBreak is an unscripted mobile series from AT+T, The Chernin Group and BBDO that follows SoCal teens documenting their last summer before college on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube with the help of AT+T mobile devices.

Honorable Mentions: 

  • CNN – City of Tomorrow Presented by Cisco
  • INSP –
  • NBCUniversal – 30 STK Presented by NBCUniversal & Xerox
  • Syfy – BlastrTV