2019-2020 Cynopsis Salary Survey

Cynopsis 2020 Salary Survey

2019-2020 Cynopsis Salary Survey ReportCynopsis is excited is reveal the results of its 2019-2020 Salary Survey. For the 6th year in a row, we’ve solicited our audience to participate in the annual Salary Survey, which received more than 2,800 unique responses. We appreciate everyone’s contributions, as it allows us to provide a trusted benchmark for salaries and benefits among TV and Digital Media professionals. Furthermore, we have been dedicated to career development as well and hope this salary survey will be a helpful resource for both hiring managers and job seekers.

The study examined eight major factors – both personal traits, such as gender, and characteristics of employers, such as company size – that contribute to compensation across six distinct job levels, from entry level to CEO.


“At a time when transparency is more highly valued than ever, this year’s salary survey outlines the shifting terrain of media today. Because of our trusted relationship with our readers, we are able to deliver details of their compensation and more importantly, how our community feels about their professional lives, so that we can all clearly see what’s working, and what we need to improve.” said Cynopsis Publisher Robbie Caploe.

A few key findings:

  • The gender gap remains prevalent across all departments
  • Benefits are becoming more extensive & varied as companies compete to attract and retain talent
  • There’s a notable decline in salary satisfaction across all workers
  • Bonuses are a common incentive
  • Nearly two- thirds (63%) of respondents claimed to receive bonuses, an increase of +2% from 2018
  • 26% of the respondents stated that digital is the single most essential department to their company

One of the more disheartening facts to come out of the report was the gender gap. On average, males continue to out-earn their female counterparts by 27%, translating to a difference of $31,200. From the 2018 Cynopsis Salary Survey study, this represents a 10% rise in the gender gap. This disparity is prevalent across all titles and departments in the study.

Want to know where you stand with your compensation and benefits package? What’s the average bonus? Does living in a certain part of the country mean more money?

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