2017 Cynopsis Salary Survey

Cynopsis Salary Survey

By: CynopsisJobs

Cynopsis Media solicited its robust and loyal community in October 2017, inviting executives to participate in the first-ever annual Cynopsis Salary Survey. We received 2,400 unique responses.

The study examined eight major factors—both personal traits, such as gender, and characteristics of employers, such as company size—that contribute to compensation across six distinct job levels—from entry level to CEO.

A few key findings:

  • The gender gap is closing a bit, though women consistently make less than men (27K less, in fact, vs. 32K in 2016)
  • Highest salaries for most functions are in the Northeast and West in the U.S., but legal and marketing positions pay better in the West than anywhere else
  • Average bonuses clock out at $13,600.

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