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Entries Due: May 28th

The Cynopsis Adtech awards celebrate the best advances in the technology that underpins the media business. From outstanding ad and brand safety solutions to deft achievements in strategy and implementation, Cynopsis is shining a well-deserved spotlight on those who are making a difference in the digital media supply chain.


Best Addressable TV Collaboration

    Best Audience-Based Buying Platform

      Best Use of Blockchain and Cryptography

        Best Video Marketing / Advertising Platform

          Best New Performance Metric

            Most Innovative Implementation of Addressable

              Most Innovative Use of AI to Optimize Campaigns

                Outstanding Advance in Transparency

                  Outstanding Attribution Measurement

                    Outstanding Brand Safety Strategy

                      Outstanding Data Solution

                        Outstanding Display and Programmatic Advertising Platform

                          Outstanding Example of Custom Data Strategy

                            Outstanding Local Advertising Solution

                              Outstanding New and Innovative Ad Units

                                Outstanding New Audience-Based Ad Offering

                                  Outstanding Post-Campaign Analysis

                                    Outstanding Programmer Enablement Solution

                                      Outstanding Proprietary Analytics

                                        Outstanding Reporting and Analytics

                                          Outstanding Supply Solution

                                            Outstanding Targeting Capabilities

                                              Outstanding Utilization of Data

                                                How to Enter

                                                The entry process is completed entirely online (get started here) and involves choosing a category, entering a brief synopsis on the entry and why it deserves this recognition followed by optional supporting materials to back up your synopsis.


                                                • May 28th

                                                • June 10th


                                                The price of each early primary entry is $399. If you submit the same entry into multiple categories, the additional fee is $200 per category.

                                                Payment in full must accompany the entry. All entries are non-returnable and non-refundable.



                                                To be eligible, the content, campaign or initiative must have taken place (either in part or in full) between March 2019 and June 2020. Some of the work must have occurred during this time, but it’s not necessary for it to be completed during the eligibility period.

                                                Entries must include:


                                                A 400-word synopsis describing your entry using the following sub headings:

                                                • Objectives
                                                • Strategy
                                                • Tactics
                                                • Execution
                                                • Evaluation of Success/Results/ ROI

                                                While these headings are not mandatory, we do recommend using as many as you can as it relates to your entry. The more information provided, the better!

                                                Supporting Materials

                                                Supporting materials should show evidence of the success of your work. Examples Include:

                                                • Web sites/URLs
                                                • ROI Stats
                                                • Media Coverage
                                                • Photos
                                                • Research Documents
                                                • Screenshots
                                                • Testimonials
                                                • Videos*
                                                • Web Stats

                                                *For videos, please upload the raw file (mov, wma or mp4) or provide a link to the content to be viewed (youtube, vimeo, company’s website or another video sharing platform).

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