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June 15-16, 2021 | 12:30-4pm ET

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The Measurement & Data Virtual Conference is Cynopsis’ 5th annual event with hundreds of analysts, researchers and media leaders coming together virtually. Over the course of two days, we’ll present the freshest thinking on buying and selling for the holistic video marketplace.

On June 15-16, attendees will learn the latest trends in: Attribution, Addressable TV, CTV, OTT, Privacy, Data, and Ad Fraud. 


The annual event hosts hundres of executives with titles ranging in levels from Managers to Sr. Directors and SVP’s with primary job function focused on strategy, research, data, analysis, insights, marketing and operations. Here’s a sample of companies that have attended in the past:

Active International
Bank of America
Bloomin' Brands
Canvas Worldwide
Disney | ABC Television Group
Harmelin Media
Horizon Media
Icon International Inc.
Icon Media Direct
Martha Stewart
NBC Universal
Omnicom Media Group
Publicis Media
Scripps Network Interactive
sparks & honey
The Richards Group
Tik Tok
Wieden + Kennedy


Tuesday, June 15

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  1. 12:30 pm — 12:40 pm

    Welcome / Housekeeping

  2. 12:40 pm — 1:05 pm

    The Art of Combining Data Sets

    With all of the different types of datasets now available from first to third party, are there best practices to combine them in a way that maximizes the strongest predictors and indicators? How much of this is an art rather than a science? How do Walled Gardens impact commingling of datasets and what is being done to access these data sets and combine them with other sets? 

  3. 1:05 pm — 1:35 pm

    Automating the Ad Buy

    Key to automating ad buy / sell processes and workflows is connecting all the necessary and vital data throughout the advertising ecosystem. In this presentation we will look at how the industry is evolving to make tangible the reality of self-serve inventory ad buys, i.e. adopting a standard unit of measurement across platforms, eliminating makegoods, and the technology and integration points needed to make it happen.

  4. 1:35 pm — 1:40 pm

    Virtual Networking Break

  5. 1:40 pm — 2:05 pm

    Best Use Cases for Multi-Platform Measurement

    Many companies are advancing their own Multi-Platform Measurement solutions. Each member of this panel will showcase what they are doing and how it is working going forward.

  6. 2:05 pm — 2:20 pm

    iSpot Presentation

  7. 2:20 pm — 2:45 pm

    Attribution – Where Are We Now?

    Attribution is the Holy Grail for advertisers. What are some of the new techniques and systems for tracking the consumer journey through this ever-changing media landscape of new platforms, delivery systems and changing consumer behaviors, especially after the pandemic changed viewing and purchasing patterns?

  8. 2:45 pm — 3:00 pm

    a4 Advertising Presentation

  9. 3:00 pm — 3:25 pm

    Post-Covid. A Look Back and A Look Forward

    How has the past year impacted consumer/viewer behavior, the capturing of data and predicting future trends post-Covid? What is working and what is not? Where do we go from here in the data, research and analytics world? How will privacy impact our next steps? What do we see as the future of media, consumption and measurement? 

  10. 3:25 pm — 3:30 pm

    Virtual Networking Break

  11. 3:30 pm — 3:55 pm

    Measurement Currency – Has it Changed?

    Historically we have bought and sold on age and gender demographics. With more systems promising and even guaranteeing to deliver on actual KPIs, is there a need to reassess and revise demographic guarantees and if so how?

  12. 3:55 pm — 4:00 pm

    Closing & Sweepstakes

Wednesday, June 16

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  1. 12:30 pm — 12:40 pm


  2. 12:40 pm — 1:05 pm

    Targeting Niche Audiences

    With an eye towards addressing a range of diverse constituencies, what should we be doing as an industry to better target and deliver to niche audiences – from both a programmer and marketer perspective. A look at microsegments and how they can be best combined.

  3. 1:05 pm — 1:25 pm

    Q&A | VEVO

  4. 1:25 pm — 1:30 pm

    Virtual Networking Break

  5. 1:30 pm — 1:55 pm

    Audio's Great Ascent

    Podcasting and other audio programming has become more and more popular. How are companies leveraging, measuring and valuating audio content both on its own and within a full cross media ecosystem?

  6. 1:55 pm — 2:10 pm

    Kochava Presentation

  7. 2:10 pm — 2:35 pm

    Using a Standard Unit of Measure to Pave the Way to Convergence

    To establish a level playing field for convergence, we, as a media advertising industry must deploy a standard unit of measurement across revenue platforms. Listen in as we discuss the crux of impressions-based buying and selling from both a challenges and opportunities perspective and the necessary next steps to make its implementation a reality.

  8. 2:35 pm — 2:55 pm

    Q&A | Conviva

  9. 2:55 pm — 3:05 pm

    Virtual Networking Break

  10. 3:05 pm — 3:20 pm

    DISQO Presentation

  11. 3:20 pm — 3:45 pm

    A Look Toward a Cookieless Future

    The way we track the consumer journey will undergo a great transformation when the cookie is retired. How will the cookieless future impact measurement and how can we best prepare? Is this a job for AI?

  12. 3:45 pm — 3:50 pm

    Closing & Sweepstakes


  • Dominique Batiste

    Director Ad Sales Research & Insights
  • Robbie Caploe

  • Helen Katz

    SVP, Global Director
    Publicis Groupe
  • Audrey Steele

    EVP Sales & Research Insights Strategy
  • Radha Subramanyam

    President and Chief Research & Analytics Officer, CBS Corporation
  • Dr. Maggie Zhang

    Head of OTT Measurement & Research
    Amazon Advertising


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