Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising & analytics company, is making AT&T data available to buyers across all media types through AppNexus’s demand-side platform (DSP), which it has rebranded as Xandr Invest.The strategic buying platform offers simplified access to and tailored buying of premium, brand-safe content, as digital and TV silos give way to converged buying.

“Due to the major investments we have recently committed to our buy-side platform, Xandr now supports buying in the ways that make sense for advertisers. Xandr Invest offers them the combination of our exclusive consumer insights and content, backed by incredibly powerful technology,” said Michael Rubenstein, President, AppNexus, a Xandr Company. “We’ve brought a platform to market that doesn’t just meet advertisers where they are now, but sets them up to capitalize on the future of advertising as digital and TV begin to converge.”

Xandr Invest helps advertisers and agencies as they plan, execute, and learn from their media campaigns. Through a machine-learning optimization system and streamlined user interface, Xandr Invest provides enhanced efficiencies to established marketing objectives, while enabling buyers to shift focus to increasingly sophisticated tactics to achieve unique outcomes.

“As long-time partners, we’re excited that the full power of AT&T is behind Xandr Invest. These enhancements allow us to deploy more sophisticated marketing strategies and surface deeper consumer insights,” said Matt Greitzer, Co-CEO, Amnet US, a division of Dentsu Aegis Network.

The Home Depot has partnered with both AT&T AdWorks and AppNexus to add better measurement, targeting accuracy, and accountability to our TV and digital media buying, said Drew Keenan, Senior Director, Media Planning and Buying, The Home Depot, adding, “We’re very excited about the new opportunities created by Xandr.”

The new Xandr Invest programmatic guaranteed offering also enables buyers to seamlessly reserve access to premium supply through the consolidated buying platform, with no manual tags to traffic or additional invoices to manage.

Lynn Leahey