Dave Morgan, founder and CEO of Simulmedia, outlines five major new capabilities Simulmedia has built into its D2Cx.com beta. They come as a result of more than 90 brands having used the industry’s first-ever marketplace with access to linear TV advertising at an affordable cost for growth marketers.

“When we launched D2Cx.com in beta back in October 2018, we designed it to help TV advertisers get on the air quickly and affordably, learn what combination of networks, dayparts and programs produce the optimal mix for customer acquisition, and scale accordingly,” says Morgan in a post. “It uses software to put buyer budgets out to bid in the most intelligent way possible to hit the advertiser’s objectives. It also provides inventory sellers the opportunity to learn exactly who’s buying and price more effectively. We’ve improved on this foundation with new features that advance the cause of democratizing access to TV advertising, inviting more direct-to-consumer (D2C) marketers onto TV at lower costs, while improving usability and speed.” New features include:

1. Campaign minimums have been removed. Now brands can start activating on TV with a small budget, review their own, custom performance dashboard, and optimize based on what’s working.

2. New, near real-time measurement and attribution tools for brands to connect each TV ad spot to key business outcomes, such as website visits, page views, app downloads and purchases.

3. New, automated creative diagnostic tools to give brands feedback within 24 hours on whether their TV spots meet broadcaster requirements.

4. New, automated bid management tools similar to those used in digital ad marketplaces to help brands bid on specific TV audiences with either manual or automated controls.

5. Redesigned D2Cx.com application interface that makes accessing the marketplace’s tools easier and learning TV advertising faster. D2Cx.com features an all-new, in-app navigation, as well as new colors and fonts that are designed to smooth the path from getting started to campaign execution.

Lynn Leahey