In a challenging financial climate, Magna is still projecting full-year ad revenues to grow 3.4% to hit a new all-time high of $326 billion. But to take advantage of this expected surge, smart professionals need to connect the dots in data and measurement to ensure success, and that’s where we come in, with smart conversation that will help you move your business forward. 

Can the industry really support a multi-currency model? What role will attention metrics play and how will they impact ad investment? Are we any closer to true cross-platform measurement? How will advanced audience measurement affect the monetization and creative development of content?

Join us for Cynopsis’ two-day Measurement & Data Conference, where we will dive deeper into critical topics with the leaders spearheading this revolution and address the questions that really matter to you and your business through in-depth discussion and high-level networking.

2023 Themes include:



Tuesday, Jun 13

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  1. 11:15 am — 12:15 pm

    Registration & Welcome Reception on the Edison Rooftop

  2. 12:30 pm — 12:50 pm

    Opening Keynote: The State of Measurement and Data

    Presentation of custom research conducted by Advertiser Perceptions among marketers and agencies on how measurement and data is used today, its challenges and future outlook.

  3. 12:50 pm — 1:15 pm

    Living in a Multicurrency World


    As alternative currencies emerge and are adopted, does the business model exist to support multiple currencies and how must the industry evolve to support it? What are the differences between legacy and alternative currencies?

  4. 1:15 pm — 1:40 pm

    Getting Measurement Right


    Accuracy in media measurement is dependent upon a host of factors, but increasingly issues of bias, such as that found in modeling of audiences, the inherent bias of AI and non-sampling errors relating to coverage, processing of responses and non-responses can have significant impacts on data quality. The Media Rating Council takes a look at the major causes of bias in measurement today, how they can be accounted for and the steps that are being taken to address them.

  5. 1:40 pm — 1:55 pm

    Empowering the Marketer: Measurement as a Catalyst for Growth

    Over the last few years, and certainly in the last few months, there has been terrific change and modernization in how cross-screen video campaigns are measured, as well as how they are transacted. With these advancements, it’s important to keep focus on why this work is being done. The ultimate purpose of smarter measurement is to equip marketers to make better-informed decisions, spend more efficiently and sell more product. In this conversation we will hear the marketer’s perspective on how advanced cross-screen TV measurement solutions are impacting the work they are doing and what they are looking for in both the near and long-term.

  6. 1:55 pm — 2:20 pm

    Come Together, Right Now, Over Currency


    From the recently formed U.S. Joint Industry Committee to the ANA/WFA cross-platform principles, various initiatives are underway to move the currency debate forward, but it remains unclear whether the industry will ever really reach consensus and what the consequential impact will be. Here, marketplace leaders will detail their views and unique value propositions.

  7. 2:20 pm — 2:40 pm

    True Cross Media Measurement: Embracing the Movement

    The fragmented media measurement puzzle of today can only truly be complete when we know exactly who is watching behind a screen, but with seemingly endless content and delivery options, we're left with audiences that are more unique and less understood than ever before. To understand audiences at such an untapped level, we need to go beyond measurement as we know it and fully embrace the cross-media measurement movement in its truest form. 

  8. 2:40 pm — 3:00 pm

    Networking Break

  9. 3:00 pm — 3:25 pm

    Advertising, the Final Frontier


    From in-game advertising to place-based OOH and retail media, new ad formats and inventory are emerging everywhere. And with that comes new challenges for data utilization and measurement. Leading marketers and agencies will address how advertising’s new frontiers can best be utilized for incremental reach and impact. 

  10. 3:25 pm — 3:50 pm

    It's All About CTV Now


    Is CTV the key to total TV measurement? How can we assess streaming ad tier measurement in comparison to CTV and linear? Will data-driven linear revolutionize linear advertising? And how can CTV and MVPDs work together? Buyers, sellers and suppliers discuss the critical questions facing TV today, and suggest some answers.

  11. 3:50 pm — 4:10 pm

    Unpacking Modern Currency in the Streaming Era


    The streaming revolution brings opportunities and challenges for advertisers in a complex, fragmented ecosystem that demands cohesive measurement and currency to address buy and sell-side challenges.

    Join us for an engaging session led by and industry experts from Crackle, Tastemade and Vevo. Explore the challenges of measuring streaming audiences accurately and the urgent need for a cross-platform currency solution. Discover how iSpot's innovative measurement approach empowers independent publishers and unlocks new value for brand advertisers.

  12. 4:10 pm — 4:35 pm

    Data is Getting Bigger, But is it Getting Better?

    Evolution In Measurement

    Granularity and the sources of data continue to increase, but are we seeing a commensurate increase in accuracy? Against the backdrop of what role panels can play and working to ensure better multicultural audience representation in measurement, we will bear down on how the industry is making data bigger and better, and the players taking on leading roles in its development.

  13. 4:35 pm — 5:00 pm

    Moving Measurement Forward

    Evolution In Measurement

    From attention to outcomes, measurement is evolving to assess an array of effectiveness criteria. As it does, it will have a significant impact on planning, buying and ad valuation. Where will that current trajectory head?

  14. 5:00 pm — 7:00 pm

    Networking Reception on the Edison Rooftop


Wednesday, Jun 14

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  1. 8:30 am — 9:00 am

    Breakfast and Registration Open

  2. 9:15 am — 9:35 am

    Opening Keynote: Presentation of Original Research From CIMM

  3. 9:35 am — 10:00 am

    The Role of ROI Measurement In Long-term Brand Building


    ROI measurement has enabled greater optimization of marketing spend by showing its direct impact on sales, but this has led to concerns that long-term brand building is being sacrificed due to an overemphasis on bottom of the funnel activation. Attribution measurement, however, can also guide more effective top of the funnel spend as well – and often simultaneously. Attribution experts will show you how.

  4. 10:00 am — 10:25 am

    True Multiscreen Attribution Measurement. The Future is Now.


    True multiscreen measurement has been “within reach” for many years as industry bodies and consortiums rally to standardize currencies, elevate metrics and align practices. But a strategic partnership between Spectrum Reach, Innovid, Blockgraph, and Comscore is delivering on the promise of multiscreen measurement right now. In this session, these industry experts will discuss the power of partnerships to deliver future-now solutions to address the growing need for true cross-platform measurement.

  5. 10:25 am — 10:45 am

    Measuring Attention and its Impact on Premium Video Advertising

    There is only one premium video medium that is on-demand where consumers are riveted during the entire experience, ads included – CINEMA. In the first US cinema attention measurement study conducted by research technology leader Lumen, the results show that cinema performs significantly better in capturing and holding consumers' attention to advertising when measured against all other video platforms, including TV, CTV, social and digital. Join Joanne Leong, global head of planning at dentsu and Manu Singh, SVP of insights, analytics and data sales strategy at NCM to learn why attention metrics matter and how brands can leverage cinema to reach the ‘unreachable’ Gen Z and Young Millennial consumer. 

  6. 10:45 am — 11:05 am

    ARF and Sequent Partners’ Attribution & Analytics Accelerator


    The best case studies from ARF’s Attribution and Analytics Accelerator have been updated for M&D, so you can benefit from the latest data in attribution, marketing mix models, in-market testing, and the science of marketing performance measurement. 

  7. 11:05 am — 11:30 am

    Networking Break

  8. 11:30 am — 11:55 am

    The Attention Council


    In this exclusive presentation by The Attention Council, new findings from TAC research will be revealed, with emphasis on how it will affect advertising and marketing in the next 12-18 months.

  9. 11:55 am — 12:15 pm

    The Straight Talk on Making Your CTV Ad Dollars Work Harder


    Marketers are looking to make their ad dollars work harder, not just smarter — and the industrial strength of CTV versus other media for driving full-funnel goals is undeniable. And with its unbeatable pairing, CTV has become an essential buy for linear TV buyers looking to build a complete TV strategy.

    Join this lively straight talk on getting the most value out of the fast-evolving and hyper-competitive streaming TV advertising market — and everything you should be asking in your 2023 CTV media buying checklist. The session will cover the latest in measurement including value impressions, ad fraud and brand safety hygienics, creative efficacy, national versus local buying considerations and more.

  10. 12:15 pm — 12:35 pm

    As the TV Universe Turns: Latest Findings & Implications From DASH


    With 5% of US households now not owning a TV set, the Advertising Research Foundation is issuing a call for a gradual move away from “TV Households” as the basis of TV measurement to “TV Accessible Households” to account for shifts in viewing dynamics driven by broadband access and mobile devices. That finding is based on the latest analysis of their comprehensive TV universe study, DASH, an annual survey of more than 10,000 US households balanced for national representation. In this exclusive presentation, the ARF details how TV, device and digital media usage is changing and what the ramifications are for TV measurement moving forward.

  11. 12:35 pm — 12:55 pm

    Navigating Today’s Media Measurement: How the New York Market Sets the Stage

    As media measurement continues to evolve and move beyond linear to include digital and ad-supported streaming, new measurement solutions and vendors continue to enter the fold. When it comes to navigating this new landscape, how do advertisers plan and evaluate a campaign’s impact in today’s ever-changing ecosystem? The New York market has successfully demonstrated how to operate through the new complexities to maximize the impact of advertising campaigns. Join NYI’s VP of Research & Data, Betsy Rella, as she discusses:  

    - How to best plan and evaluate campaigns with divergent datasets, multiple capabilities and varying methodologies   
    - Which strategies to use when choosing the best measurement partner(s) for the needs of a particular brand or vertical  
    - How the New York market utilizes multiple data, attribution, and reporting to definitively measure outcomes  

  12. 1:00 pm — 3:00 pm

    Measure Up! Awards Luncheon

    Measure Up


  • Kelly Abcarian

    EVP, Measurement & Impact, Advertising and Partnerships
  • Jane Clarke

    Former MD and CEO
    Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)
  • Bill Harvey

    Founder & Chairman
    Research Measurement Technologies (RMT)

Hall of Fame Presenters

  • Sean Cunningham

    President & CEO
  • Scott McDonald

    CEO & President
    The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF)
  • Howard Shimmel

    Head of Strategy and Board of Directors
    datafuelX, Inc.


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a4 Media
New York Interconnect
Spectrum Reach
Video Advertising Bureau (VAB)


Educating Future Leaders in Measurement:

When? June 13, 2023 from 8:30am-12:30pm

Presented in a smart, interactive morning session, the Measurement and Data Bootcamp will introduce both newer industry team members, and those who might want a refresher, to the basics of media measurement – audience, impression, frequency, reach, CPMs and outcome. We will also cover the topline conversations around consistent measurement across platforms, with each session taught by professionals in the field. The Bootcamp will lead directly into the annual Measurement & Data Conference, kicking off later that day.


Honoring Achievement in Media Measurement

When? June 14, 2023 from 12:45-2:45pm

In a rapidly changing data environment, where true cross-platform measurement remains a critical goal for buyers and sellers alike, Cynopsis Media is launching the Measure Up! Awards, the first benchmarking program to honor the changemakers and leaders in measurement and data across the ad and content ecosystem. This is the moment to be recognized for both strategic and tactical accomplishments and advancements around currency, attribution, Connected TV and more. 

Options to attend

  • General Pass

    Valid until
    June 14, 2023
  • Bootcamp Only

    Valid until
    June 14, 2023
  • Measure Up! Awards Seat

    Valid until
    June 14, 2023


The annual event hosts hundreds of executives with titles ranging in levels from Managers to Sr. Directors and SVPs, with primary job functions focused on strategy, research, data, analysis, insights, marketing and operations. Here’s a sample of companies that have attended in the past:

A + E Networks
AMC Networks
Association of National Advertisers (ANA)
Bank of America
Bloomin' Brands
Canvas Worldwide
Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)
Crackle Connex
Crown Media Family Networks
Disney | ABC Television Group
Fox Networks Group
Harmelin Media
Havas Media
Horizon Media
Icon International Inc.
Icon Media Direct
Martha Stewart
NBC Universal
NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises
Omnicom Media Group
Publicis Media
Scripps Network Interactive
Tik Tok
Warner Bros Discovery
Wieden + Kennedy


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