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The past year has called for exceptional innovation, and Cynopsis’ Top Women in Media will celebrate those who rose to the challenge – and beyond. Honorees are innovators and risk-takers, instrumental in creating and executing strategy in categories that cover entertainment, tech, and sports media. Nominate a lady boss who inspires you, or do it for yourself! Enter before 5/6 to save $100 on your submission. 

This year’s event will be held live in New York City, and our team is working around the clock so that we can all get together, socially-distanced and safely, to acknowledge the females fueling innovation in our community.

Nominate by May 20th

How To Enter

Nomination Process

The nomination process is completed solely online:

First, you will be guided through the registration process, and then the entry (synopsis + supporting materials), and payment process.

Get started now!

Deadlines & Rates

Early Deadline: Thursday, May 6
$549 per entry

Late Deadline: Thursday, May 20
$649 per entry

The price of each primary entry is $649. If you are submitting the same person into two or more categories, the price for each additional category is discounted by $200. Please note, the content for any tagged entries at the reduced rate will need to be the same as the original entry. Payment in full must accompany the entry and is not refundable.

All entries must be submitted online by May 20, 2021 at 11:59 pm EST.


Top Women in TV & Digital

  • Ad Tech Innovators

    Those on the leading edge of creating software and tools to help agencies and brands target, deliver, and analyze digital advertising.

  • Corporate Visionaries

    Those with a comprehensive, broad knowledge of all matters related to their business as well as the foresight to steer their organizations into the future.

  • Data & Research Trendsetters

    Honoring fresh, creative uses of data and research to drive results.

  • Directors Who Do It All

    Those in the prime of their careers whose stellar commitment to team and organizational goals results in outstanding oversight and execution of business objectives.

  • Game-Changing On-Air Talent

    Honoring personalities who entertain, inform, and inspire their audience.

  • Industry Leaders

    Those who aren’t afraid to take decisive action, break down barriers, invent new solutions, and apply unusual and creative thinking to resolve complex issues.

  • Innovators & Disruptors

    Honoring those challenging the status quo to push the industry forward.

  • Local & National News Ambassadors

    Recognizing the on-camera and behind the scenes personnel who find, package, and present the news in a way that educates and motivates their audience.

  • Marketing Trailblazers

    Honoring innovators whose marketing strategies and executions drove outstanding outcomes.

  • Operations Front Runners

    Honoring those who regularly search for and integrate operations breakthroughs to advance their businesses.

  • Production Pacesetters

    Spotlighting professionals who seek out new techniques and tools to create better, more modern products, from programming to back-end solutions.

  • Public Relations Gurus

    Honoring professionals using traditional and original methods to both showcase their clients and campaigns as well as impact the bottom line.

  • Social Media Groundbreakers

    Honoring executives who have driven the ideation and/or execution of a social media campaign that has generated excitement and boosted engagement in new and innovative ways.

  • Tech Leaders

    Those spearheading the most modern, skillful uses of technology to create business opportunities and maximize the bottom line.

Distinguished Companies

Recognizing companies across TV, entertainment, sports, digital, media, production and more who are calling for equal opportunity, inclusion, pay parity and women in leadership positions. They are establishing policies of equality and inclusion, creating opportunities to ensure women will be welcomed and encouraged to contribute, grow and lead the industry forward.