Using Artificial Intelligence to Capture & Captivate Audiences

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Artificial intelligence offers a solution to two of the biggest challenges programmers face today: getting your content discovered, and keeping viewers engaged. In fact, A.I. is one of the most useful tools now available to TV networks, marketers and publishers. It can help you find the biggest possible audience; it can customize viewing experiences in a way that makes makes pay TV, mobile, and digital more valuable to consumers; it can can help you reach potential consumers with increasingly precise ad targeting, and it can help you reach content consumers on A.I. driven platforms, such as smart speakers.

Whether you’re a TV network, marketer or publisher, artificial intelligence is starting to shape your world in a big way – according to research from Bank of America, A.I. will be a $153 billion industry by 2020. But you need to understand how to best employ it – which extends far beyond algorithms. In the new Cynopsis Webinar, Using Artificial Intelligence to Capture & Captivate Audiences, you’ll learn about:

  • Marketing. In a survey conducted by Salesforce, 3,500 marketing leaders called AI the “leading technology where marketers expect the most growth in the next two years. But how are the top programmers, agencies, publishers  and mar-tech pros implementing A.I. into their efforts? In what ways should you emulate them?  
  • Reaching TV viewers and content consumers. How can you use A.I.-driven platforms like the Amazon Echo and Google Home to place content in front of viewers?  
  • Personalizing the viewing experience. How do you balance human curation and A.I. for incredible customized viewing experiences that bring subscribers to pay TV?
  • Data. In what ways can you use A.I. to get more mileage out of your data – and just how accurately can you target consumers with an A.I.-heavy strategy?
  • Privacy issues. How can you implement A.I.-driven targeting techniques without alienating viewers?

Meet Our Executive Panel

Dave Neway
Head of Product Marketing
IBM Watson Advertising
Al Ming
VP of Product Management
Scripps Networks Interactive
Rachel Lowenstein
Manager, Strategic Innovation, Life+
Mindshare North America
Doug Edwards
Founder & Executive Chairman
Zone TV

Meet Our Moderator

how does the webinar work?

The live audio is delivered to your location over your computer speakers. The Power-Point presentations are presented over the Internet and are available to print out after the program. This is like a talk-radio program with visuals on the Web. You and your team will be able to have a live Q&A with all the speakers.

  • One (1) set of materials (you may make copies for all of the persons you invited to listen to the program)
  • One (1) Internet connection to the seminar.

what equipment do i need?

For the Internet connection:

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  • 1 Dual core processors are preferred.
    2 Mac and iOS devices only.
    3 In addition to having a properly installed Adobe Flash Player your system must permit live Flash streaming.
    4 Apple iPad and iPhone only. Please use Safari on iOS devices for the best viewing experience.
    5 Android 4.4+. Please use Chrome on Android devices for the best viewing experience.


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