Twitter, which owns social media management app TweetDeck, is testing out new, in-demand features for TweetDeck. Previously, TweetDeck users weren’t able to use GIFs, emoji, or post polls—now they can. Twitter’s “revamped” the TweetDeck composer, it wrote in a blog post, to add the ability to tweet with GIFs, emoji, threads, polls, and image tagging. These are among the most-requested features asked for by TweetDeck users, the company wrote. GIFs, of course, are the most popular.

“These new features build on top of the features that make TweetDeck the go-to product for your team’s Twitter needs,” the company wrote. “You can still share Twitter accounts—only now you have a broader creative palette to Twitter from.”

But with the new tweet composer, users won’t be able to schedule tweets. However, the feature is still available by switching back to the old version. Twitter said it’s still working to bring this to the new update. Everything’s pretty easy to use if you’ve used Twitter before. Like on Twitter, the options for the new features are write below the “What’s happening?” box.

TweetDeck is essentially an app that creates an at-a-glance spread of tweets, messages, and notifications. Users can customize their dashboard to meet whatever needs they have, creating filters for hashtags and certain content. Columns can be customized to display anything from favorites to lists and trends. Before it was acquired by Twitter in 2011, it was an independent app.

Lynn Leahey