Horizon Media is the first media agency to subscribe to Nielsen Advanced Audience, announced the measurement company.  The suite of technology solutions (forecasting and posting) is aimed at unifying the planning, activation and measurement of audiences beyond age and gender (e.g., with attributes such as new parent or first-time car buyer). A long-time Nielsen client, Horizon Media will now have a seamless process to execute advanced audience-based buys, solving the complexities of data and workflow that come up as a result of leveraging advanced audience data sets. 

“For many years we have been believers of the importance of advanced audiences and have heavily invested time and resources to provide our clients a more holistic view of their total consumers,” said Michele Donati, Senior Vice President, Managing Director of WHERE, Horizon Media. “This agreement is an evolution of our commitment to advertiser-defined audiences and we are excited to work with Nielsen to unlock the full potential and value that advanced audiences have to offer.” 

n the pre-planning stage of ad buying, Nielsen Advanced Audience’s Forecasting Solution provides Horizon Media the ability to understand the impressions available for any advanced audience segment in relation to key age/gender buying demos, prospectively for four calendar quarters, across all national TV networks. With the Nielsen Advanced Audience Posting Solution, Horizon Media can now understand national TV commercial impressions and unique reach for any advanced target across a national ad schedule or telecast list. Horizon Media also receives advanced target Universe Estimates, which is a foundational part of any advanced audience transaction. 

“We have a history of using advanced audience segments during the planning process, however, the value of these data-defined audiences are even greater when they are used for activation and post campaign measurement,” said Samantha Rose, Senior Vice President of Video Investment, Horizon Media. “The innovative nature of Nielsen Advanced Audience  enables us to breakdown existing silos and create a seamless workflow which will allow us to stay ahead of the curve as the industry moves towards transacting on segments beyond age and gender.”

Lynn Leahey