At Google Marketing Live, the company announced a slew of new features designed to bring “organic” ads to people who are “open to discovering” products and services. This is based on a Google study that found 76 percent of consumers like when they’ve made an “unexpected” discovery while shopping online. “And 85 percent of consumers will take a product-related action within 24 hours of discovering a product: reading reviews, comparing prices, or purchasing the product—sometimes all at once,” the company wrote.

Google outlined the three key points of Discovery ads: “rich and relevant creative,” which will allow companies to advertise with a “swipeable image carousel” that’s “rendered natively across each Google property; “results;” and “unmatched reach,” which Google said encompasses “millions of people across the YouTube home feed, the Gmail Promotions and Socials tabs, and the feed in Discover using a single campaign.”

“Discovery has created a great opportunity for us to easily drive growth at scale for our brands beyond what we thought was possible with Google,” Vice President of Media and Acquisition at TechStyle Daniel Pahl said in a statement. “It’s definitely outperformed my expectations in driving high-value leads and signups. We’re now able to inspire a completely new audience to action.”

The company also showcased its new redesigned Google Shopping homepage which will be released this year. The new tab will curate products based on user preferences, backed by the Google platform.


Lynn Leahey