Facebook will generate $67 billion in ad revenue this year, notes Nicole Fung, Product Manager, Polar, in a new report, “The Secret to Facebook’s $67 Billion Ad Machine.” But while Facebook may be superior at ad targeting, Fung suggests the reason advertising on Facebook is so effective comes down to the creative. “Advertisers believe that Facebook works due to targeting and targeting alone,” says the report. “We think there is more to the story.”

Creatives on Facebook are better than ever, says Polar, with 11 different creative ad formats, including video, carousel and Stories. Brands and users can turn phones into image ads, with the option to add a caption, which is ideal for increasing brand awareness.

Polar also notes brands can upload a video and transform in into an ad, and link to outbound pages directly from the social post. The average user on Facebook clicks on 10+ ads a month, and 78% of American consumers discover retail products to buy on the platform. “We believe this impressive engagement is in large part due to the creative brands feature on Facebook,” says Polar’s report.

Lynn Leahey