Technical Director

Core Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Directs, co-develops and delivers locally produced programs and public service announcements for national and international audiences that will meet the standards of the Newsmax Media brand, and its loyal subscribers & viewers.
  • Supervises a production crew that produces regular, special and live shows related to various political, historical and informational audiences or other appropriate topics, as deemed appropriate by the Newsmax Media brand.
  • Works in conjunction with various Newsmax Media corporate offices, to utilize and mobilize the Newsmax Media network of web-based, print and broadcast resources, to generate timely and pertinent broadcast material to the Newsmax Media standards of dissemination.
  • Develops and  maintains  mutually  beneficial  relationships  with  outside  content-creating  entities, commercial television stations, as well as municipal and cable stations, to optimize NewsMax Media’s capacity for generating quality produced programming pertinent to the Newsmax brand.
  • Perform other duties as assigned