Social Media Manager

Good Morning Football is looking for someone who loves Social Media, and emerging content and design; an out-of-the-box thinker and someone who is willing to jump in where they can create viral-worthy TikToks.


Ideal candidates are passionate consumers and doers of Social Media, who understand what goes into making compelling and engaging social content based on the show and other NFL-related content. This is the perfect position for those who are energized by collaborating with both talent and producers.


Applicants must:

  • Understand natively how to capture content within TikTok and is able to provide visual guidance on social assets.
  • Love the NFL and have the passion to create the best content for fans of both the NFL and the show.
  • Love video editing, trying new tricks, and thinking how to engage and entertain TikTok users. Must know how to shoot and edit outside of the TikTok app, on your mobile device.
  • Follow and understand the latest TikTok trends, enjoy creating within the platform, and try to test out trends.


Day To Day

  • Early morning Sports/Entertainment talk show.
  • Develop, design, plan, and execute TikTok content for the show.
  • Work closely with the entire staff including talent and producers.
  • Create reactionary content to storylines that arise during the live window of the show (typically 7-10am ET).
  • Brainstorm inventive content ideas and topics that drive engagement.