Senior Manager, News & Content

Spectrum Networks is looking for enthusiastic, talented and driven individuals to join the best and brightest in gathering, producing and delivering stories that make a difference within a 24-hour breaking news environment! Our commitment is to engage viewers with relevant, timely news that’s important to the local communities we serve.

Who we are: Spectrum Networks is a series of 27 hyper-local news and 9 regional sports networks owned and operated by Charter Communications, Inc. Spectrum Networks seeks to provide the most essential local news and information, cultivating relevant and thoughtful conversations that foster informed and engaged communities.

The Environment: Spectrum News is a 24-hour breaking news network which requires employees who are flexible and available to work various shift, including early morning, late evenings, weekends and holidays.

Being on our team means … You’re ready to inspire and be inspired! You’re passionate, creative and highly technical, driven to flourish in a competitive, fast-paced environment. You’re fiercely accurate, with a desire to leverage your knowledge, skills and abilities to share news stories to viewers in our local communities. You’re nimble, having the ability to pivot in an ever-changing workflow. You are a team player with a positive attitude and strong interpersonal skills. You have the ability to multi-task, meet tight deadlines and remain calm under pressure.

What we’re looking for: The Senior Manager, News & Content supervises all aspects of the daily coverage and production of news programming. Leads the day-to-day coverage and production for all newscasts. Works closely with the Senior Director of News and Content to ensure a consistent product from daypart to daypart. Provides day-to-day management of all newscasts.
This position is accountable for ensuring that the editorial and production values of news programming consistently meet industry standards with goal of driving viewership, growing our audience and strengthening the brand.


  • Actively and consistently support all efforts to simplify and enhance the customer experience.
  • Ability to oversee production of Live Newscasts.


  • Provide leadership for the daily editorial process working closely with Senior Executive Producers and planning managers in developing coverage plans.
  • Assist and approve coverage plans and stories for newscasts in collaboration with Senior Director of News.
  • Help decide which stories are newsworthy.
  • Read and edit news copy to ensure quality control standards with high awareness of legality, morality, accuracy, and perceptions of bias.
  • Oversee news gathering in area in ways to benefit the entire news group.
  • Make key decisions on breaking news coverage, stories and how to cover them, editorial and creative content.

News Production

  • Directly responsible for ensuring the quality of all news programming meets editorial and quality standard. Serves as champion of the channel brand.
  • Supervise the production process and direct staff to maintain quality and ethical standards.

Establishes operational objectives and work plans, delegates assignments.

  • Work closely with the Senior Executive Producers, Executive Producers, and Producers to enrich and expand on the key assignments and big stories of the day through production and graphic treatment.
  • Responsible for relentless execution of newscast and driving urgent news from discovery to delivery.
  • Work closely with Senior Director of News and Content to improve workflow and production of each newscast.
  • Meet with news managers on a regular basis to provide feedback, guidance and advice concerning production issues.
  • Review content of news stories and check for errors of fact, technical errors, creative content, miscues, editorial mistakes and all elements needed to deliver quality news programming.
  • Continuously evaluate staff performance and provide on-going feedback for improvement.


  • Drive integration and collaboration with other managers to achieve station goals.
  • Work closely with other managers to determine daily scope of coverage.
  • Ensure the staff knows and understands news coverage vision and short/long term goals and objectives.
  • Create a motivating environment for staff.
  • Drive integration and collaboration between production staff and other functions areas of newsroom to ensure all are working towards unified goals.
  • Participate in developing, modifying and executing company policies that affect immediate operations and may also have company-wide effect.
  • Act as role model for staff by maintaining ethical, professional and legal standards.
  • Assist in the hiring, supervising, and developing of news staff.
  • Conduct performance evaluations for direct reports.
  • Assists in the scheduling of newsroom personnel.


  • Create and execute short and long-ranged plans for staff development and professional growth, program schedules, future stories and guest bookings.
  • Continuously evaluate resources needed for adequate coverage and present recommendations to Senior Director of News.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.