The successful candidate will be a proven on-air reporter, in possession of a reel showcasing attention-grabbing talent, engagement and intelligence. Will have an excellent already-developed contact list, including many “who’s who” leaders in Congress, and related government agencies. Will have outstanding writing and production skills and will be required to deliver high quality news stories. Must be able to work with camera and technical crews, as well as possess excellent people skills and be able to react swiftly and effectively to story and production requirements.
This position is based at in our bureau in the heart of Washington, D.C.
Key Duties:
• Independently produce and report on news stories, utilizing any possible combination of source materials, including production/interviews in the field, agency source material, repurposed content, etc.
• Write and track clear and effective scripts; produce succinct, accurate and engaging copy which demonstrates high-level skill in writing in and out of sound and in matching video with narration. Exhibit poise on camera in the studio and in the field
• Showcase the ability to report unscripted and live with clean delivery and stellar mental organization
• Do outstanding and frequent live shots, sometimes with live guests
• Collaborate effectively with management, peers, video editors and field photographers