Commercial, Systems Integration Leader

Seasoned Systems Integration Leader will be responsible for the assessment, design, implementation, and interconnectedness of key business applications. The ideal candidate is both a big picture visionary and has great attention to systemic and process details. Must be technically proficient, and be strongly disciplined in project management. This role will reach into several areas of the company’s operations including the Commercial, Content, Distribution and Corporate verticals. This role will lead large scale systems implementation improving key operating systems and processes. This leader will need an ability to work with multiple clients, users and stakeholders and meet their implementations requirements.

Lead regular meetings with key stakeholders throughout assessment and implementation.
Integration efforts may include CRM, Traffic, Program Scheduling, Finance and Accounting, Consolidated Reporting and Data Management.
Provides leadership, direction and guidance for the implementation, maintenance, enhancement and improvement of business systems.
Manage a cross-functional team of application administrators for system compliance and ease of integration.
Develop, source and implement new set of sophisticated processes and systems that seamlessly integrate across all stages of the Commercial process.
Maintain all documentation and develop ongoing training.
Partner with IT and Network Operations to drive implementation of processes, systems and SOP’s.