Acquisitions Specialist

Job responsibilities:

  • Forecast and develop delivery schedules to ensure media assets are available as required to meet our delivery deadlines.
  • Confer with creative teams, management and production company production personnel to handle special requests, out-of-pattern production requirements, and program supplier production scheduling issues.
  • Collaborate daily with program suppliers to coordinate the delivery of program content.
  • Work with creative teams to acquire and/or license special assets for on-air use, presentations and online content.
  • Work with Asset Management and Acquisitions team to handle inventory and archiving of all marketing media assets and maintain cloud-based inventory database system.
  • Distribute media assets and information to all creative and production end users.
  • Handle our review and approval system.
  • Collaborate with network executives from various CBS divisions and outside agencies and production company post-production personnel to either acquire or distribute media assets or information.
  • Develop positive relationships with production companies, post-production facilities, and studios in order to acquire additional media assets not covered by standard agreements, while working to avoid additional incremental costs.