The Unconscious Path to Purchasing Decisions

By Charlene Weisler The mind works in mysterious ways, unless you are tracking the path to purchase. According to Daniel Codella, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Wrike, there are 7 psychological triggers that marketers can use to ascertain how consumers think and feel. Triggers are common psychological motivators, cognitive biases and behavior patterns. Knowing them can […]

The Fraud of Fake Influencer Marketing

By Charlene Weisler Fraud remains one of the top concerns for marketers and digital companies. A new study by cybersecurity company CHEQ found that 15% of all influencer ad dollars are spent on fake followers, costing brand advertisers a projected $1.3B globally in 2019. A study titled The Economic Cost of Bad Actors on the Internet; Fake Influencer Marketing […]

TV Series with the Most Primetime Emmy Nominations

The next time an actor or producer says “It’s an honor just to be nominated,” believe them, especially when it comes to the Primetime Emmys. Since D’Arcy Carden and Ken Jeong will be announcing the 71st Emmy nominees July 16, it seemed like the prefect time to comb through the Television Academy’s Awards Database to […]

10 TV Characters With No Names

By Paula Hendrickson Most nameless TV characters are inconsequential, but some are lead characters — like those on Fleabag and Remington Steele. Despite being named on the first episode of Gilligan’s Island,  Jonas Grumby was better known as The Skipper (Alan Hale, Jr.). And while some nameless characters’ names are revealed at or near the […]

Using Nativity, Not Language to Reach Hispanic Consumers

By Charlene Weisler Jake Beniflah, Head of Insights and Foresights at mitú, is a provocateur in the world of Hispanic media spend. He believes that “companies overall have misallocated as much as $1 billion,” in trying to reach the Hispanic consumer. His work on the impact of nativity (NBV, Nativity-Based View) on TV consumption disputes […]

Daytime Doppelgangers

By Paula Hendrickson Evil or not, twins are a staple of daytime dramas. Indeed, General Hospital has three sets of twins that have all been impacted by the fallout from a decades’ old twins study performed on Anna and Alex (Finola Hughes), Kevin and Ryan (Jon Lindstrom), and the no-longer-identical-thanks-to-plastic-surgery Jason and Drew (Steve Burton […]

Xandr’s Rick Welday Addresses the Future of Addressable

By Charlene Weisler Rick Welday, President, Xandr Media is on the forefront of addressable advertising for his company. He spoke at the ARF conference this week about what it is, how it is defined and its future prospects. The media industry is grappling with a changing and transformative marketplace where consumer consumption behavior is controlling […]

Looper Insights Offers a Platform for IP Owners to Take Control of Video Assets

Looper Insights, a UK-based company providing software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology to film and TV rights-owners and VoD stores, announced its launch. Founded by digital media and VOD specialist Lucas Bertrand, the platform was inspired by market research indicating that revenue from digital distribution could be significantly increased with better visibility, management, and optimization of film and […]

The Future of Story Telling Will Be VR

By Charlene Weisler Marketers continue to seek greater connection with consumers and viewers. Often this connection involves storytelling where the brand crafts a personality or enhanced presence in the consumer’s mind. Now, with the advancements of VR, there is the ability to accelerate this personalization, not just for products, but also for programming and public […]

Basis by Centro Expands Programmatic Advertising Capabilities

Advertising technology provider Centro announced the expansion of programmatic advertising capabilities for native and digital audio on its digital media platform, Basis. The platform integrations give advertisers access to more global ad opportunities, with reliable and long-standing supply partners for native (including Google Ad Manager, Nativo, Rubicon Project, Smaato, Verizon Media) and digital audio (including […]