06/16/22: Canoe: A ‘Simplification Layer’ For Programmers, Advertisers and MVPDs

A CYNOPSIS MESSAGE FROM CANOE VENTURES   Thursday June 16, 2022 Ad Tech Company Expands DAI, Linear Addressability, Programmatic VOD Cathy Applefeld Olson The opportunities for programmers and advertisers to optimize today’s robust video ecosystem are vast. But so, too, are the challenges that accompany a fragmented marketplace fraught with incompatible backend infrastructure. […]

06/16/22: NYC’s Ernie Anastos goes national with syndicated series

NYC's Ernie Anastos goes national with syndicated series

A CYNOPSIS MESSAGE FROM SINCLAIR MEDIA NETWORKS WE DELIVER THE BROADCAST IMPRESSIONS YOU ARE ALWAYS LOOKING TO BUY SINCLAIR MEDIA NETWORKS * National Footprint with ownership benefits * Family Friendly * Brand Safe * Efficient CPM’s * Guaranteed exact minute delivery * Power of local news at scale * Hyper-targeted OTT extensions * Drive viewer […]

06/16/22: G4 fuels new LCS series

G4 fuels new LCS series

  Thursday June 16, 2022 Good morning! It’s Thursday and this is your early morning Esports brief. G4 is launching G4 Gameday LCS, a weekly new hour-long “SportsCenter”-style breakdown series designed to showcase the LCS match of the week, along with highlights, and educational breakdowns, player profiles, postgame interviews, the Poggers & Not Poggers Plays […]