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Cynopsis: Kids!

Good morning. It’s Wednesday, July 25, 2012, and this your first early morning briefing.

Hunger Games fans pay attention… Funtactix and Lionsgate reveal a new map of Panem inside The Hunger Games Adventures (, a social game featured on Facebook ( that is based on both the book and movie The Hunger Games. Found online within the game, the exclusive new Panem map has gone live and provides a look at locations of the first few districts that players have explored so far (the Capitol, Districts 12, 11 and 2), as well as inviting them to complete quests and unlocking new stories. The anticipated Panem map game update is part of the build-up to the release of The Hunger Games movie on DVD this August 18, 2012.


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FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME) enters into a new publishing deal with Random House Australia that will see Robert Irwin, the 8-yr-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve and Terri Irwin and brother of Bindi, collaborate on a series of eight fiction illustrated books and one bumper non-fiction title. Slated to debut in March 2013, the new book series is targeted to K5-8 and will be titled Robert Irwin: Dinosaur Hunter. The books will follow Robert’s adventures – which are in keeping with his father’s desire for discovery and animal education – in this case dinosaurs. The books will be sold in all bookstores and department stores, with all sales and marketing managed by the publisher, Random House Australia. FME holds a worldwide partnership agreement with Australia Zoo and the Irwin family to develop new TV and licensing opportunities.

Brand Extensions Russia JJP, a new licensing company for the Russian market, is appointed to license the popular Japanese collectable kimmidoll doll brand in Russia and the CIS. Kimmidolls are available in 50+ countries, where various related products can also be found including stationery, fashion products, homewares and giftware. There are several kimmidoll lines, including classic kimmidoll collection for adult collectors, the kimmidoll junior aimed at younger kids and kimmidoll love for tweens, with plans for two more lines set to debut in 2013, kimmidoll baby and kimmidoll wisdom. Brand Extensions Russia JJP is a joint venture formed by formed by JELC and PJB Brands.


Disney shifts the release of its re-release of Pixar‘s Monsters, Inc., a 3D version, to Wednesday, December 19, 2012, per THR. The movie had been set for release on Friday, January 18, 2013. The move puts the classic movie title in theaters during the all-important December holiday season  where there is a void of animated movies this year.  Buena Vista originally released Monsters, Inc. on November 2, 2001, which earned a domestic box office gross of $255.9 million, and a worldwide box office take of $525.4 million, per Box Office Mojo. November 2012 will see the release of two animated pictures, Disney-Pixar’s Wreck-It Ralph on Friday, November 2, followed by DreamWorks Animation’s Rise of the Guardians on Wednesday, November 21.

Entertainment One Family (eOne Family) completes new broadcast deals for several of its kid/family series in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. ABC (Australia) renews its agreement for the animated series The Secret World of Benjamin Bear, while also picking up the second season of Rob the Robot and the seasons five and six of Peppa Pig. Meanwhile in New Zealand, TVNZ inks a new deal that will see Lost and Found join its TV2 line-up, as well as adding Peppa Pig to its Kidzone channel. Also in New Zealand, MediaworksFour channel signs on to broadcast Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom and Humf. South Africa’s ETV acquires the broadcast rights for the first six seasons of Peppa Pig, which it has already begun airing.

Spain’s Neptuno Films inks new broadcast deals for the 3D animated series Rupert and Sam (26×3), which is a co-production with TV3 (Televisio de Catalunya), IB3 and 3D Videographics. Rupert and Sam has bee newly acquired by broadcasters in Turkey, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Middle East (for broadcast and video), as well as Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Slovenia. Neptuno Films will showcase Rupert at Sam at Mipcom this October 2012.


The NPD Group‘s new research report Kids and Apps: A New Era of Play finds that most parents are getting most of their information about kid’s apps from app stores. Some of the findings include:

  • According to the report 62% of parents conduct app searches at app stores.
  • Over two-thirds of parents who search the app store are looking for age-appropriate apps. 75% are searching for apps specifically for K2-5.
  • 73 percent of parents with girls using a device search the app store for age appropriate apps versus only 63 percent of parents with boys using devices.
  • The report finds that gender plays another role for parents selecting apps for their preschoolers – with gaming apps most popular for boys, while girls are significantly more likely to use a wider range of apps than boys, including music, art, and photo apps.
  • While apps are popular for kids throughout a week, TV viewing is still the most popular entertainment activity, with 80+% of kids watching TV about six days a week for an average of 14.3 hours per week.
  • By age – Tweens/teens 12-14 are more likely to listen to music  doing so 16.4 hours per week, while K2-5 are playing with games or puzzles about 7.4 hours a week.

The survey was conducted online from March 6-21, 2012, to a representative sample of male and female adults ages 18+ who are members of NPD’s online panel and have kids 2-14 in the household. Parents of very young kids were asked to complete the survey on behalf of their child, while parents of older children were asked to either have the child answer the survey or join them while answering the survey. The study is based on 2,502 completed surveys. Final data is weighted to US Census metrics and is representative of kids age 2 to 14.


Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. appoints Bob Fiorella as EVP and Chief Strategy Officer/Entertainment. He will report to dually to Cinedigm Chairman and CEO Chris McGurk and COO Adam Mizel. Prior to this, Fiorella oversaw the operations, strategy and theatrical acquisitions at CEG. He is also credited as the architect of the Company’s restructuring and repositioning including the acquisition of New Video Group, the largest global digital aggregator of independent content and entertainment distributor. A 20+ year veteran of strategy, finance, and operating experience in the media and entertainment industry, Fiorella previously senior roles at The Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures, and 20th Century Fox. Most recently Fiorella was SVP and CFO of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. He has also served as an advisor to a range of companies, investment banks, private equity firms and hedge funds.


Weekly Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported networks, Total Day and Primetime Rankings among K2-11 (000) 7/16-7/22/12 :
Total Day      (000)   Primetime      (000)
DSNY* :        1193     DSNY* :        1601
NICK° :           814     NICK JR°°:       474
CARTOON:      727     DXD:               303
NICK JR°°:      354     ADSM** :        291
DXD:             290     NAN** :           238
ADSM** :      222     SPROUT***:     177
NAN** :        145     NICKTOONS:      109
SPROUT***:   128     ANIMAL PLANET: 78
NICKTOONS:     78     DISCOVERY:       74
THE HUB:         57     THE HUB:           46
Source: Disney Research from Nielsen Media Research Data Live + SD Data
*Disney Channel is not spot ad-supported, although it does accept select sponsors.
**Denotes a network that broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24hr day.
The Sprout network became publicly measured as of November 1, 2010.
°Nickelodeon Total Day: Mon-Thurs 7a-8p; Fri 7a-9p; Sat 6a-10p; Sun 6a-8p
°°Nick Jr is not an ad supported cable network, unlike most of the others in this listing

Weekly Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported networks, Total Day and Primetime Rankings among K6-11 (000) 7/16-7/22/12 :
Total Day      (000)  Primetime       (000)
DSNY* :         860     DSNY* :         1256
NICK° :          515     DXD:               247
CARTOON:      479     NAN** :           188
DXD:              233     ADSM** :        188
ADSM** :       151     NICK JR°° :        91
NAN** :          112     NICKTOONS:      78
NICK JR°°:        72     ANIMAL PLANET: 54
NICKTOONS:     52     DISCOVERY:        48
ANIMAL PLANET: 36     SPROUT*** :     36
TEENNICK:         34     TEENNICK:         31
Source: Disney Research from Nielsen Media Research Data Live + SD Data
*Disney Channel is not spot ad-supported, although it does accept select sponsors.
**Denotes a network that broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24hr day.
The Sprout network became publicly measured as of November 1, 2010.
°Nickelodeon Total Day: Mon-Thurs 7a-8p; Fri 7a-9p; Sat 6a-10p; Sun 6a-8p
°°Nick Jr is not an ad supported cable network, unlike most of the others in this listing

Weekly Top Ten Basic Cable Ad Supported Networks, Total Day and Primetime Rankings among Tweens 9-14 (000) 7/16-7/22/12 :
Total Day      (000)  Primetime      (000)
DSNY* :         711     DSNY* :         977
NICK° :           415     ADSM** :      232
CARTOON:      368     DXD:              227
ADSM** :       248     NAN** :         194
DXD:              217     MTV:               88
NAN** :         150     NICKTOONS:      76
MTV:               70     ANIMAL PLANET: 64
NICKTOONS:     49     DISCOVERY:       61
TEENNICK:         47     COMEDY:          52
ANIMAL PLANET:   43     TEENNICK:      47
Source: Disney Research from Nielsen Media Research Data Live + SD Data
*Disney Channel is not spot ad-supported, although it does accept select sponsors.
**Denotes a network that broadcasts less than 51% of minutes in a 24hr day.
The Sprout network became publicly measured as of November 1, 2010.
°Nickelodeon Total Day: Mon-Thurs 7a-8p; Fri 7a-9p; Sat 6a-10p; Sun 6a-8p
°°Nick Jr is not an ad supported cable network, unlike most of the others in this listing

Live + Same Day Ratings Kids Cable Network Averages (000) for Saturday, July 21, 2012, 6am-11pm, ranked by K2-11:
DISNEY CHANNEL:      K2-11 1144; K6-11 867; TWEENS 9-14 687
NICKELODEON° :        K2-11   891; K6-11 619; TWEENS 9-14 470
CARTOON NETWORK** : K2-11   707; K6-11 471; TWEENS 9-14 342
DISNEY XD:               K2-11   211; K6-11 164; TWEENS 9-14 147
NICKTOONS:             K2-11   142; K6-11 109; TWEENS 9-14   92
°Nickelodeon Total Day: Mon-Thurs 7a-8p; Fri 7a-9p; Sat 6a-10p; Sun 6a-8p
**Cartoon Network & Adult Swim share channel space ADSM airs Sat.-Thurs. 9p-6a
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data

Live + Same Day Ratings Kids Cable Network Averages (000) for Sunday, July 22, 2012, 6am-11pm, ranked by K2-11:
NICKELODEON° :        K2-11 1122; K6-11 710; TWEENS 9-14 526
DISNEY CHANNEL:      K2-11 1039; K6-11 777; TWEENS 9-14 638
CARTOON NETWORK** : K2-11   592; K6-11 397; TWEENS 9-14 337
DISNEY XD:              K2-11   242; K6-11 199; TWEENS 9-14 174
NICKTOONS:             K2-11    91; K6-11   52; TWEENS 9-14   43
°Nickelodeon Total Day: Mon-Thurs 7a-8p; Fri 7a-9p; Sat 6a-10p; Sun 6a-8p
**Cartoon Network & Adult Swim share channel space ADSM airs Sat.-Thurs. 9p-6a
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data

Live + Same Day Ratings Kids Cable Network Averages (000) for Monday, July 23, 2012, 6am-11pm, ranked by K2-11:
DISNEY CHANNEL:      K2-11 1168; K6-11 826; TWEENS 9-14 628
NICKELODEON° :        K2-11   947; K6-11 583; TWEENS 9-14 531
CARTOON NETWORK** : K2-11   803; K6-11 526; TWEENS 9-14 401
DISNEY XD:              K2-11   327; K6-11 260; TWEENS 9-14 251
NICKTOONS:            K2-11   134; K6-11   99; TWEENS 9-14   86
°Nickelodeon Total Day: Mon-Thurs 7a-8p; Fri 7a-9p; Sat 6a-10p; Sun 6a-8p
**Cartoon Network & Adult Swim share channel space ADSM airs Sat.-Thurs. 9p-6a
Source: Disney from Nielsen Media Research Data

Answer to Our Last Trivia Question: In the cartoon Casper, the Friendly Ghost, what was the name of Casper’s horse-ghost? Nightmare. Kudos to: Cristen Wuetig-Comcast/Philadelphia; Keith Manzella-Eastwest, MG/NY.

Today’s Trivia Question: What Nickelodeon cartoon series was named after the cartoonist’s apartment manager? (Email with your answer and be sure to include your name, company, city and time zone. Unofficial rules: Only the second four correct answers from each time zone will be mentioned; and once you’ve been mentioned in any of the Cynopsis editions, you can’t be mentioned again that calendar week.)

Later — Gwen
Gwen Billings for Cynopsis Kids!

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JOB OPENING: iOS GAME PROGRAMMER/NYC: Kids entertainment co seeks creative programmers for high profile apps w/2 years minimum SDK, Objective-C and Cocoa skills; gaming experience a must; Send resume to: (7/31)

JOB OPENING: LIC/MKTG COORDINATOR/NYC: Kids entertainment co seeks l/m coordinator with min 1 yr experience in related field. Organized, detail oriented w/ability to multi-task. Send cover letter/resume to: kidstvjob (7/31)

JOB OPENING: PGM SCHED COORD/NATGEO/DC: 1-2 yrs. TV experience. Sched entry in database; create day & late scheds; competitive tracking & analysis; point of contact for dept. Must love TV. (7/31)

JOB OPENING: PRODUCER /LA: Nationally synd daytime talk show looking for an exp’d Prod. Ideally would have exp producing for a daytime show w/studio audience, booking & pre-interviewing guests/pitching show topics. Resume: (7/31)

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JOB OPENING: MANAGING EDITOR, GAMETRAILERS/SANTA MONICA: Popular video game news blog, 5 years min. exp. 24 hr. gaming news, breaking news, will manage freelance writers and copy editing please apply to (7/28)

JOB OPENING: DIGITAL SALES AE/Sony Pictures TV/LA: Strong dig. sales bckgrnd a must. Interest in ent, gaming, emerg. tech. Able to sell mult properties, incl: Crackle, PS Network, FEARnet & Dr Oz. Apply: (7/27)

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JOB OPENING: MANAGER PROGRAM RESEARCH/NBC Universal/NY: 4+ years Program Research experience required. Experience with Explorer/Arianna/Npower needed. Must have mgmt & presentation exp. Apply: Job #6394BR (7/26)

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JOB OPENING: PLANNER 1, AD SALES SUPPORT & ANALYSIS/Comcast-Spotlight/NYC: Plan & facilitate selling of advertising per client needs. Assist AE w/daily tasks. Apply online: EOE (7/26)

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SITUATION WANTED: WRITER’S/PRODUCTION ASST: Has worked on The Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly, etc. Attending UCLA’s TV writing program. Experience as a Page and PA. Proficient in Final Draft. Has BS in Mass Comm. (7/26)

SITUATION WANTED: NYC SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY PROFESSIONAL: w/experience in content production (digital/print/live), and publishing sales. Looking for entrepreneurial opps. on the content or ad side: (7/26)

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