Virtual Reality: What Programmers Need to Know Now to Lure Viewers and Advertisers

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Will VR play an important role in the future of TV? More and more people seem to think so. Google Cardboard is inexpensive and widely used, with new content being added by the day. This November, the Samsung Gear VR headset hits stores, just in time to stuff your stockings. Next year, Oculus, Sony, and HTC/Valve will duke it out with their own headsets. Here’s why VR is booming: The smartest companies know that it will permanently change the way that consumers interact with TV, gaming, and the world itself. But now programmers and marketers need to ask themselves: What’s the best way to monetize this exciting new technology?

VR users might find themselves courtside at a Warriors game, plunged into a Vincent Van Gogh painting, or piloting a military jet. Nothing holds a candle to full, 360-degree immersion. But there are pitfalls to avoid. Developers are still figuring with how to design enjoyable experiences. And even the smartest executives are grappling with how to scale a technology that, initially, will be too expensive for many consumers. At our Tuesday, December 8 Cynopsis Webinar Virtual Reality: What Programmers Need to Know Now to Lure Viewers and Advertisers, you’ll learn the tools and tricks at your disposal to successfully implement virtual reality into your media strategy. VR is about to explode into the marketplace; so don’t let the newest, greatest opportunity to reach digital consumers pass you by.
At this webinar will get you up to speed on how to adopt VR, and where it fits in your company’s media efforts. Here’s more of what you’ll learn from our panel of experts:

• The state of VR. How advanced is the technology, and how rapidly is it progressing? As VR becomes more ever more immersive, just how big is the audience going to be in the coming months and years?
• The appeal of specific VR experiences. From films to games to live events, what types of VR experiences are available to consumers, and what do they tend to find most engaging so far?
• How to monetize the technology. Some headsets will be prohibitively expensive, at least in the next year or two. Is devoting resources to Google Cardboard a solution? Or, like Marriott and Paramount, can you use expensive VR gear as an effective buzz-building tool at least to start?
• How to build effective consumer experiences—and avoid bad ones. From inciting motion sickness in users to placing them in unfavorable environments for your brand, what are the main pitfalls to avoid? What’s the ideal VR experience for your brand or company?

Meet Our Executive Panel

David Cole
Greg Downing
xRez Studio
Andrew Cochrane
Digital Director and Technical Supervisor
Matthew Chiavelli
Syfy Digital

Meet Our Moderator

David Teich
Associate Editor
Cynopsis Digital

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