What Programmers & Marketers Need to Know About Snapchat

Cynopsis Snapchat Webinar

If you’re deciding whether or not to incorporate Snapchat into your marketing strategy, here’s the only thing you need to know: The app garners 8 billion video views – daily. Once upon a time, Snapchat was a mere messaging tool for Gen Z’ers. Now? It’s essential for programmers, brands and marketers who want to reach […]

Presentation Skills: How to Master Every Meeting

Are you and your team delivering the most engaging, persuasive presentations possible in meetings and sales calls? As the media environment grows increasingly complex, it’s never been more important to be able to communicate clearly and with confidence. With Upfronts looming, the time to hone speaking skills is now. Ratings can be sliced and diced, […]

Virtual Reality: How to Get in the Game

Whether it’s front-court seats beside Spike Lee or a behind-the-scenes look at LeBron James’ training regimen or a VIP view of the US Open, the rise of VR is opening doors to a new era of experiences for fans. Join Cynopsis Sports on Wednesday, February 24 for our upcoming webinar “Virtual Reality: How to Get […]

New Social Media Strategies to Reach the Young Demos

In the churn of apps that facilitate sharing, chatting, curating and creating, which digital hangouts should programmers and advertisers be focused on now to connect with elusive Gen Y and Gen Z? And how? On Tuesday, March 1 join Cynopsis for our webinar, New Social Media Strategies to Reach the Young Demos, will provide the […]

Programmatic TV 2016: The Keys to Mining Data and Measurement

In just two years, nearly three in four display ad dollars will be spent programmatically, projects eMarketer, with budgets for programmatic TV buying poised to surge to a whopping $10 billion by 2019 (Magna Global). Promising efficiency and effectiveness, programmatic has grown increasingly alluring to brand marketers – but mining and interpreting data and measurement […]

How to Train and Retain the Next Generation of Employees

Source: Official Comedy Does this video look familiar to you? Then you have Millennials working for you. They’re enthusiastic and entrepreneurial, fast learners with fresh ideas. But Gen Y (age 21-32) and Gen Z (age 16-20) have a new attitude toward the workplace, and recruiting the best candidates – and keeping them – requires a […]

Cynopsis Webinar: How to Solve the Ad Blocking Problem

Call it the “Attack of the ad blockers.” You know what we’re talking about: display and search ads are hidden. Video ads, whether running on YouTube or an OTT network, simply won’t play. And that means people lose revenue: A PageFair/Adobe study estimated a 21.8 billion dollar loss in global revenue due to blocked advertising […]

How to Leverage Influencers on Social Media

With consumers reporting they trust word-of-mouth over direct brand messaging, aligning with trusted social media influencers is a crucial component in any marketing strategy. The Cynopsis Webinar, “How to Leverage Influencers on Social Media,” will show you how to identify and reach influencers who can share your content and increase engagement. Influencers are the new […]

Beyond Viral Addiction: Building a Loyal Community for Your Products

You can’t build a team with just one player, and in an increasingly-crowded fight for attention spans, one viral video does not make a sustainable marketing campaign. Cynopsis Sports in partnership with our friends at  Whistle Sports offer our latest webinar, “Beyond Viral Addiction: Building a Loyal Community for Your Products”, on Wednesday, October 14. […]