eSports: How to Maximize & Monetize Competitive Gaming

eSports – sometimes referred to as competitive gaming – is ushering in a full-blown shift in entertainment and culture, capturing a huge and growing amount of young people’s time and attention. Between 2014 and 2016, eSports revenue has grown from $194 million to $463 million, according to Newzoo. However, many traditional networks are relatively new to the […]

How to Sell and Produce the Branded Content Advertisers Need Now

Advertising is undergoing a major shift as more and more viewers opt for ad-light and ad-free experiences. The good news is, brands can still reach consumers in impactful ways  – research has shown consumers like and trust a brand more after experiencing branded content. But to win an advertiser’s business, programmers, publishers and agencies must […]

How Building Live Sports Action into Your Ads Delivers Results

What will consumer sports advertising look like in the future? For one thing, you’ll be able to market in the moment with more timely and contextual ad messages that allow advertisers to reach fans with more relevance for maximum impact. But how do you do this? Find out by joining Cynopsis Sports as we partner […]

Cynopsis Webinar: Newest Strategies for OTT Success

How far have you gone over-the-top? OTT devices are grabbing an increasing share of digital video ad views and growing faster than any other device – 157% year-over-year – according to Magna Global’s “The New Face of TV” report;  digital media revenues on pace to surpass TV by the end of 2017. So for many, […]

Instagram Stories: The New Tool for Connecting with Fans

Instagram Stories: The New Tool for Connecting with Fans Instagram’s new Stories feature was an instant hit – a Nike Story generated 800,000 views the first day out. Brands like Red Bull and TV shows including USA’s Mr. Robot are already onboard.  The mobile app allows users to share photos and videos that disappear after […]

Virtual & Augmented Reality, from A-Z

Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research estimates that, less than ten years from now, the virtual and augmented reality marketplace will be worth $80 billion. And it’s not surprising, given the staggering number of media companies that are already pouring resources into the industry. If you strap on a high-end virtual reality headset, or even peer into […]

The New Ratings 101: How to Use Data to Make Your Case.

As advertisers and brands dive deeper into digital, many are cutting TV budgets to fund digital campaigns. Magna Global recently announced a $250 million spend on YouTube – $200 million of which will be siphoned from television. But TV measurement is advancing quickly, allowing for new and effective ways to use data to help marketers […]

Monetizing Live Video: From Facebook to Twitter and Beyond

Live video is busting out of the gate. If you’re not thinking about how your business can leverage live platforms, you’re already behind the curve. Before you jump in, join us on Monday, June 6 for The Cynopsis Live Video Webinar Monetizing Live Video: From Facebook to Twitter and Beyond and arm yourself to make the most […]

The New Out-of-Home Marketing: How to Drive Tune-In and Brand Awareness

Programmers, TV marketers, and consumer-facing brands are always on the lookout for creative ways to engage with audiences beyond on-air promos. And now that out-of-home content consumption is so common, those same programmers and marketers have exciting new tools at their disposal. In the Cynopsis Digital Webinar, The New Out-of-Home Marketing:  How to Drive Tune-In and Brand […]

Winning at Producing & Selling Sponsored Content

Cynopsis Sponsored Content Webinar

In a fast-forward world, it’s no easy task getting a marketer’s message to every television viewer. As ad-skipping increases, more and more programmers are turning to sponsored content and brand integration to break out of the clutter and draw advertising dollars. But what are the secrets to creating content that engages audiences, and also gives […]