How Sports Brands Can Leverage the Esports Explosion

You’ve seen the headlines about esports, now hear from the newsmakers about how to get in the game. Where are the best business plays for sports brands looking to take a shot? Join us on June 27 for our latest webinar, How Sports Brands Can Leverage the Esports Explosion and hear from sports executives who have […]

How to Program & Market a Winning Social Good Strategy

Doing good is also good business – and making a misstep can be costly. Now more than ever, it’s crucial for community-minded companies to produce social good content, aligning with issues that are in sync with their network/brand values. In the May 23 webinar, How to Program & Market a Winning Social Good Strategy, experts involved […]

What You Need to Know Now About the Hottest Social Media Platforms

The rapid-fire pace of the social media landscape (R.I.P., Vine, hello Houseparty) requires an ever-evolving social strategy for networks and brands. But staying on top of social is a real challenge – WhatsApp just added a major new Snapchat-like feature, Houseparty is suddenly all the rage with the young demo, and musical.ly is the fastest-growing […]

Programmatic Data & Measurement: New Solutions for TV and Digital

TV marketers know that programmatic is an indispensable area of ad-buying. Zenith Media projects that programmatic advertising will rise by 31 percent in 2017 – faster growth than any other digital channel, including social media and online video. (Indeed, programmatic spend is rapidly growing on social media and with online video.) And you can throw programmatic […]

Winning Strategies for Branded Content

TV nets and advertisers alike know that branded content is one of the most effective ways to get closer to customers – and it’s also a highly effective solution to TV’s ad-blocking challenge, at a time when viewers find it easier than ever skip commercials. The best content is so good viewers aren’t just happy […]

How to Boost Influencer Marketing Campaigns for TV

There’s no question influencers can significantly increase awareness when it comes to television. But are you getting all you can out of your brand ambassadors? Have you tracked down the most powerful voices– who are not necessarily the biggest– to champion your content most authentically? Motivate them to create the kind of micro–targeted, customized messages […]

The New Emerging TV Viewers & Consumers: Who They Are & How to Reach Them

Younger viewers want – and expect – authentic content that reflects their diverse world. And advertisers want those viewers. Inclusion is, of course, key to resonating with this audience – but achieving it requires a sophisticated reading of cultural clues, as well as a strategy attuned to these particular values and behavior. For the latest insights, data and […]

Mastering Mobile Programmatic: What You Need to Know Now

Digital marketers know that programmatic is an indispensable aspect of digital ad-buying. And as the importance of data-driven programmatic buying has increased, so has the focus on mobile platforms. For example, eMarketer projects that mobile programmatic spend will reach $15.45 billion in the U.S. by the end of this year. That’s 69% of all programmatic […]

How to Monetize Around Live Video

Live video has taken a quantum leap forward in the past year, drawing viewers from around the world to connect and share real-time experiences. With a foothold in gaming, sports and awards events, events delivered via live-streaming are attracting increasing ad dollars. As an increasing number of platforms gain speed optimizing this massive opportunity, new business […]

How to Use Podcasting to Amplify Your Brand

Podcasting is hot. In fact, it’s “the future of advertising,” according to AdWeek, offering ad-weary listeners greater authenticity, and brands deeper consumer connection. For TV viewers, there are podcasts, unofficial and not, for everything from HBO’s Game of Thrones to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to MTV News; aftershow podcasts increase engagement and excitement across genres.  […]