Virtual & Augmented Reality, from A-Z

July 21, 2016 1:30 PM
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Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research estimates that, less than ten years from now, the virtual and augmented reality marketplace will be worth $80 billion. And it’s not surprising, given the staggering number of media companies that are already pouring resources into the industry.

If you strap on a high-end virtual reality headset, or even peer into a Google Cardboard viewer, or watch an augmented reality display in action, you’ll get the appeal: VR is immersive like no other media format, transporting users to a brand-new 360-degree universe. AR can make a real-world environment spring to life with vivid holographic imagery. And the technology is only improving. But for programmers and media professionals, there’s one all-important question: How can VR and AR make money?

On Thursday, July 21, you can learn answers to that question. At the new Cynopsis Webinar, Virtual & Augmented Reality, from A-Z, you’ll hear from experts about the best strategies and tactics for generating honest-to-goodness ROI from your investments in VR and AR.

Tune and you’ll learn about:

  • VR Advertising:Just what is the state of virtual reality advertising? When and how should you expect VR to generate ad dollars?
  • Platforms:  What are the best headsets, apps, and outlets to take advantage of, both now and in the future? How much money should you be investing in platforms that are less expensive for consumers, as opposed to higher-end gear? And how should that investment strategy evolve in the coming years?
  • Audience demographics: Who’s using VR right now, and who’s most interested in AR? What are the most common interests of these demos? How can you best target audiences in a way that will maximize ROI – and how should your strategy change as user bases and audiences increase and diversify?
  • Driving tune-in: From public exhibitions to companion experiences, how can you use VR and AR to promote existing programming? In what ways can VR and AR be used as an awareness-building tool?
  • Content: From cinematic experiences to games, sports (and more), what types of content should you be investing in? And what types of production partners should you turn to for help?
  • Using AR on-air: Those nifty interactive graphics you’ll see on cable news have nothing on augmented reality. In a world where TV personalities conjure holographic tornadoes out of thin air, it’s safe to say TV networks have an engaging new format to play with. You’ll learn about the various ways you can drive tune-in by incorporating augmented reality into on-air content.

Article from Cynopsis Digital on 07-14-16

In the long run, analysts expect the AR industry to be larger than the VR industry. Gaming apps likePokemon Go demonstrate the medium’s potential. But as it happens, TV networks are also using augmented reality in some insanely cool ways. In the July 21 Cynopsis webinar How to Monetize Virtual and Augmented Reality, Jeremy Jones of The Weather Channel will discuss how to integrate AR into TV broadcasts – and how doing so can generate ROI. And a bonus: one webinar registrant will win a free Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset. Register here.

Meet Our Executive Panel

Jefferson Wang
Senior Partner
IBB Consulting Group
Matt Zymet
Executive Director of Digital Media and Content
National Geographic
Jeremy Jones
Head of Product & Innovation
The Weather Channel
Jeff Goldberg
Business Development & Partnering
Virtually Live

Meet Our Moderator

David Teich
Associate Editor
Cynopsis Digital

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