Cynopsis Webinar: How to Solve the Ad Blocking Problem

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Call it the “Attack of the ad blockers.” You know what we’re talking about: display and search ads are hidden. Video ads, whether running on YouTube or an OTT network, simply won’t play. And that means people lose revenue: A PageFair/Adobe study estimated a 21.8 billion dollar loss in global revenue due to blocked advertising in 2015 alone. And with the recent release of ad blocking apps on Apple’s iOS 9, ad blocking has now spilled from desktop to mobile in a very big way.

So what are advertisers, TV programmers, publishers and branding experts going to do about it? The Cynopsis webinar, How to Solve the Ad Blocking Problem, will offer tips and insights from leading figures in the ad-blocking fight. With ad blocking use growing by 41% globally in just 12 months, we’ll answer questions including: should programmers and publishers simply withhold content if people don’t view their ads? Or does salvation lie in data – segmenting custom audiences into those most likely to watch specific ads?

Here’s more of what you’ll learn from our panel of experts:

  • How to create and execute messaging that engages consumers and foils ad blockers. Even when your ads reach consumers, they can often block them on the spot. So what messaging and placement techniques can you use to deter them from doing so
  • The pros and cons of redirecting users to other pages. Is it good for your bottom line? Does it annoy and alienate consumers?
  •  The “acceptable ads” initiative used by AdBlock Plus and AdBlock, which whitelists “non-intrusive” ads.   How can you get your ads past the blockers? Do you have to pay? What’s the overall value of playing the game on the ad blockers’ terms?
  • The fight against mobile ad blocking. What are the unique challenges of mobile? Are there technical solutions? Can mobile commerce sites simply rewrite any coding that flags their applications as advertising? How should you adjust your placement and targeting strategies? And can you continue to rely on mobile apps as a safe-haven for unobstructed ads?
  • How to maintain brand loyalty and build consumer relationships. There’s no way around it: Consumers like blocking ads, and more than ever, advertisers who reach them run the risk of annoying them. You’ll learn strategies to turn customers into brand allies instead of brand antagonists.

Meet Our Executive Panel

Tracey McCormack
Founder & President
McCormack Media Services
Devra Prywes
VP, Marketing and Insight
Manny Puentes
Altitude Digital
Sandy Pelland
MomLife TV

Meet Our Moderator

David Teich
Associate Editor
Cynopsis Digital

how does the webinar work?

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