[On-Demand] Creating the Perfect Media Pitch: The New Secrets of Selling to Advertisers


$295 per site – CDs available for purchase
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At this webinar  you’ll learn how to distinguish your programming from the pack, and position your network as the optimum home for brands. Our agency and brand experts will reveal what marketers are looking for now, along with case studies and strategies that have proven successful. And from a network expert, you’ll  get innovative and winning strategies to better satisfy  clients.

Specific takeaways from attending this webinar include:

  • The best Practices to determine a brand’s goal
  • The new partnering opportunities advertisers expect: mobile apps, targeted coupons, and branded integrations
  • The new anatomy of a sales call: The experts you need to bring, the research they want to see, and more
  • How to overcome the lack of agreed-upon currency to determine the value of media for meaningful monetization on both sides
  • How to measure ROI and track your success on ad bundles and integrated ad campaigns


lynn larocca-headshot                                            Jon_Steinlauf_2311A.358352
Lynn LaRocca,                                                                Jon Steinlauf
SVP of Marketing and Advertising                         EVP, Ad Sales & Marketing
Modell’s                                                                              Scripps

Linda_Ong-headshot                                       Tom Talbert - Lowe Campbell Ewald-bio

Linda Ong                                                                       Tom Talbert
President and Brand strategist                             Group Director, Media Services
TruthCo.                                                                          Lowe Campbell Ewald


lynn headshot

Lynn Leahey

In 2014, ZenithOptimedia forecast a 4.1% increase in TV ad spending in the U.S., to $67 billion. However, the buying and selling environment is changing so quickly that smart salespeople need to have the most current grasp on metrics, trends, and the obstacles that buyers and planners face in order to get as much of that pie as possible. And media buyers need to be more and more nimble in understanding what sort of programs and partnerships in the TV landscape will yield the most abundant ROI. So as Upfront season approaches, this is the time to take advantage of this Cynopsis webinar, Creating the Perfect Media Pitch: The New Secrets to Selling Content to Advertisers.  Register Now!

Who should attend?
If you are involved in any of these capacities, this Webinar’s for you:

  • Ad Sales
  • Media Planning/strategy
  • Media Buying
  • Brand Development
  • Business Development
  • Financial Management
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Product Launches
  • Research

How does the webinar work?
The live audio is delivered to your location over your computer speakers. The Power-Point presentations are presented over the Internet and are available to print out after the program. This is like a talk-radio program with visuals on the Web. You and your team will be able to have a live Q&A with all the speakers.

  • One (1) set of materials (you may make copies for all of the persons you invited to listen to the program)
  • One (1) Internet connection to the seminar.

What equipment do I need?
For the Internet connection:

  • PC: 166Mhz Pentium-based PC or better
  • Operating system: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mac OS X, Linux (Windows 98/NT/ME will most likely work but are not officially supported)
  • Browser: For optimal viewing experience, we recommend using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. Mac OS X must be used in combination w/ a supported Firefox browser and Adobe Flash Player. Most versions of Linux OS will work in combination w/ a supported Firefox browser and Adobe Flash Player.
  • Internet connection: 56k Dial-up Modem (minimum requirement). Some presentations will require a higher bandwidth connection such as Cable Modem or DSL.
  • Display set at 1024 x 768

Mac users are encouraged to use Firefox 2.0 (or later) with and Adobe Flash Player or Real Player to view the webcast. You can also test your system using the system test button in menu on the left hand side.

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For questions or comments please contact Trish Pihonak at  Trish@cynopsis.com