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CSN Chicago

5-10 yrs regional/nat’l TV news, Bachelor’s degree, Chicago sports exp req’d, INEWS exp a plus.

Apply: www.nbcunicareers.com job #8964

Cynopsis: Classified Advantage

Good morning. It’s Tuesday, February 26, 2013, and this is your weekly issue of Cynopsis: Classified Advantage!

Considering a Switch in Careers?

It’s not exactly a buyer’s market in today’s economy, but that doesn’t mean you cannot switch careers, just make sure you’re doing it for the right reason(s).

You have to be prepared – which includes having enough money to live without any income for a year. If you cannot do that, now is not the optimum time to consider a switch.

Is extra schooling involved? If so, understand that schools are expensive and take up a lot of time, are you able to part with both and for how long?

Talk to the people who will be affected by your decision. Make sure they are on-board, otherwise the process becomes much more difficult.

Reasons to Switch Jobs

You’re job offers no possibilities in learning new skills. Some people are very happy doing the same thing everyday, others go crazy. If you’re in the latter group, talk to your superiors. If they cannot or are unwilling to help, it may be time to consider a new job.

There is nothing about your worked that is stimulating to the point of depression. We all hate work at times, but there should be a significant amount of time where work is challenging and even fun. If this never occurs, again, talk to your superiors then consider a different company or industry.

You’ve hit a green ceiling, meaning there is only so much money to be made and you’ll eventually need more. If the company has a strict pay scale and the top is insufficient for your needs, time to consider a new job.

If you have gone through a major life event, this may be the time to consider moving on to another job. However, and this is a big however, consult a medical professional before taking on this task. It could be the best medicine for you, or it could be the worst thing you could do. Seek their advice and adhere to it.

You have a very clear vision of what you want to do, you know how to do it, but you’re not. Too many people are in this situation, taking the first offer that comes along, understandably of late, but if you have a true passion for another career and can afford to pursue it, go for it.

Changing careers, even changing companies within the same industry is a major step in anybody’s life, make sure you’re prepared and good luck!

We are always on the look out for more Experts to advise our readers – if you’re a headhunter, job coach, career advisor, etc., and may be interested in contributing to this edition from time to time, please contact me at john@cynopsis.com.


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ARMY WIVES How to Maintain Relationships from Afar
by Jessica Sitomer

While Army Wives gives us insight into the lives of the men and women who marry army personnel, we also learn how they adapt to the lives they’ve chosen. Most have routines they implement to maintain contact with oversea loved ones. Denise and Frank swap letters to be read once they’re apart. This is a message of great importance to you. It is key to stay in touch, even when you’re separated from your contacts. Whether it’s because you or your contacts are on location working, or you have relocated, or you are taking care of a family matter; whatever the reason, keeping in touch, sharing your life with your contacts is crucial to maintain your relationships in order to stay in the loop.

Client, Juliet Landau, best known for her roles as Drusilla on Buffy and Angel, Loretta in Ed Wood, and her other 40+ listed IMDB credits, is GREAT at maintaining her relationships with past cast and crew members, executive producers, writers, directors, casting directors, and industry people. How does she do it? Not only does she do the “typical work” of an actress, she is always creating her own opportunities so she has new news to share.
Here are the 10 rules for maintaining relationships that Juliet uses and YOU CAN TOO:
1.  Stay in touch with friends by phone.
2.  Maintain your relationships with contacts through email and the occasional call when you have a question.
3.  Be self-motivated; create your own projects so you always have something to share.
4.  Share your “press” to stay on people’s minds.
5.  Get business advice and guidance mentors and maximize. your relationships with them by following up with questions.
6.  When you have a success share it with your contacts.
7.  Always think about how you can add value to your contacts’ lives through your correspondence (for example, Juliet’s Documentary uses ground-breaking technology that is helpful to others to learn about).
8.  Give your contacts something that will make them smile or even better laugh!
9.  Pass along a valuable article, quote, or tip.
10.  Talent is essential, Juliet spends a great deal of time on her business, but she never lets her craft suffer. When it comes down to it, she is an artist in everything she does, from her acting, to her directing, to writing an email to a fan. This is important for maintaining relationships because when she gets called in from the contacts she maintains, she makes them look good when she delivers the goods!

Use the ten rules to create your own routines for maintaining your contacts

And Action!

1.  Get back in touch with 4 people each week this month
2.  Write down 3 successes you can share with them
3.  Write down 1 added value you can contribute to them

While sharing TV metaphors with you is always great fun for me, I thought seeing a real live client in action implementing what you’re learning would be really helpful. Know that you are not alone, you’re part of the Greenlight Community.

Jessica Sitomer,The Greenlight Coach,is a top Entertainment Industry Speaker and Coach and is the author of And…Action! Powerful, Proven, and Proactive Strategies to Achieve Success in the Entertainment Industry. To learn more about her, visit, www.TheGreenlightCoach.com

Questions from our Readers
Answered by
Jessica Sitomer

What is the best strategy if I want to negotiate salary? In other words, how do I successfully negotiate a better offer?

Negotiating is an art in itself. Books have been written on this subject, so instead of writing one right now, I suggest that you do some research and find a great book to read and/or a great live training to attend.

Can I make a counter job offer by email, or do I have to do it in person or by phone?

I always suggest asking the person with whom you’ve interviewed how they prefer to be contacted for follow up. The fact that you’re asking says that you know email may not be ideal. Are you avoiding going back in person/picking up the phone? Or is there another reason that you feel email would be a better choice? If it’s avoidance, email is most likely not the answer.

Jessica Sitomer, The Greenlight Coach, answers an entertainment industry question daily at www.AndActionBook.blogspot.com.


Cynopsis: Kids! Webinar
Leveraging the Second Screen for the New Kids Market

Thursday * March 14, 2013 * 1:30-3:00 p.m. ET

Hosted by: Cathy Olson, Editor Cynopsis: Kids! along with panelists:
Elie Dekel – President, Saban Brands & Co-President, Vortexx
Stacy Isenhower – SVP, Programming & Scheduling at Cartoon Network
Anne Richards – Creative Director at No Crusts Interactive



JOB OPENING: RSCH MGR/GSN Santa Monica: Mgr. Research opp 3+ yrs TV/CBL rsrch field/Sr. Analyst exp. Nielsen software, NPower, FOCUS, MarketBreaks, StarTrak/StarEstimator & Gabriel stewardship. Res/cover: gsnresearchmanager@gmail.com (3/4)

JOB OPENING: SR MGR SPONSORSHIP RESEARCH/NASCAR/CLT: Syndicated/Custom research solutions & insights for sales/renewals. Exp presenting to execs. Team environment. BA with 5+ yrs research exp. www.employment.nascar.com EOE(3/4)

JOB OPENING: MGR, GROWTH SEGMENT RSRCH/NASCAR/CLT: Mng rsch focused on youth, Gen-Y, Multicultural segments. Team environment. BS w/min 5 yrs mkt rsrch exp. Interest in sports, SPSS, Synd’d Tools Pref’d.  www.employment.nascar.com (3/4)

JOB OPENING: NEWS PRODUCER/NECN/Boston: 2+ yrs newsroom exp required, Bachelor’s degree req, Associate Producer or Producer exp preferred; apply: www.nbcunicareers.com job #8896 (3/4)

JOB OPENING: WEB PRODUCER/NECN/Boston: 1 yr news writing exp, HTML/web coding required, Bachelor’s degree req, social media exp a plus; apply: www.nbcunicareers.com job #8902 (3/4)

JOB OPENING: DIGITAL MEDIA PRODUCER/CSN MidAtlantic DC: 3-5 yrs news producer/editor/journalist/reporter or talent req’d, web content mgt/DART/DSM req’d, FCP editing and Photoshop required, DC-Baltimore sports knowledge req’d; apply: www.nbcunicareers.com job #8910 (3/4)

JOB OPENING: GRAPHIC DESIGNER/TCN/Philly: Bachelors + 3yrs in tv/broadcast design and graphics, Adobe: Illustrator + Photoshop + After Effects required, 3dSMax and Cinema 4d a plus, Avid/FCP a plus; apply: www.nbcunicareers.com job #8916 (3/4)

JOB OPENING: DIGITAL ACCCOUNT EXECUTIVE/CSN Philly: Bachelor’s + 2 yrs ad sales exp req’d, pref digital media/publishing or sports media; apply: www.nbcunicareers.com  job #8921 (3/4)

JOB OPENING: PRODUCER/EDITOR/CSN New England Boston: Bachelor’s + 1-3 yrs media production req’d, familiar w/all aspects of a newsroom, expert in FCP, basic knowledge of After Effects + Photoshop, must know Mac OS X, exp w Cinema 4D a plus; apply: www.nbcunicareers.com job #8939 (3/4)

JOB OPENING: ASSOCIATE PRODUCER/CSN MidAtlantic DC: 3 yrs tv production + Bachelors/equivalent, thorough knowledge of sports; apply: www.nbcunicareers.com job #8954 (3/4)

JOB OPENING: SR PRODUCER, ORIG CONTENT/CSN Chicago: 5-10 yrs regional/nat’l TV news, Bachelor’s degree, Chicago sports exp req’d, INEWS exp a plus; apply: www.nbcunicareers.com job #8964 (3/4)

JOB OPENING: EDITOR/SNY/NYC: Bachelor’s + 1 yr Avid editing in news, expert knowledge in sports, Interplay knowledge req’d; apply: www.nbcunicareers.com job #8965 (3/4)

JOB OPENING: SR. MARKETING MGR/SNY NYC: 7-10 yrs marketing/advertising in sports/tv req’d, exp in NYC req’d; more info, apply: www.nbcunicareers.com job #8990 (3/4)

JOB OPENING: VP, TALENT DEVELOPMENT/CMT/LA: 7 – 10 yrs. successful exp. as a Casting/Talent Exec. or Booker for TV/film req.; well-established contacts a must. EOE/M/F/D/AAP apply www.viacomcareers.com (3/4)

JOB OPENING: SLS Support Specialist/Discovery/NY: Assist National Sls Asst w/day-to-day ntwrk admin responsibilities; 2nd sls support trainer; 4+ yrs biz exp, 3+yrs Ad Sls environment http://bit.ly/WZ8tBR (3/4)

JOB OPENING: PRODUCTION MGR/OUTSIDE TV/WESTPORT CT: create/mng budgets, book crews, orgnz logistics, coord and track costs, actualize and wrap out prod/prgrmng. 3 yrs exp within a prod mngmnt. Resume: careers@outsidetv.com (3/4)

JOB OPENING: VP GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION/FINANCIAL NEWS NTWRK/NYC: International experience imperative (Asia, Africa, India, etc).  Salary/bonus/stock options.  Career opportunities. Resume/cover to: Jerold@ldic.com (3/4)

JOB OPENING: HEAD OF SALES PLANNING/OPS/Outcast Media/NYC: lead team of 4, reporting, pricing, Salesforce, advanced Excel, operations-focused http://www.outcast.net/careers/ (3/4)

JOB OPENING: ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE/Outcast Media/NYC: Eastern Reg, digital, broadcast, video, major agency contacts, strategic http://www.outcast.net/careers/ (3/4)

JOB OPENING: ANALYST, SALES/NYC: Pricing/Plan’g Analyst/freelance & perm positions avail/Fox Networks: 1-2 yrs TV or media ind exp, EXCEL exp, det orientated, Mutitask a must; Sales Rep, Services Apply: http://tinyurl.com/aj6pekt (FNG0001899) (3/1)

JOB OPENING: NBC SPORTS GROUP/Stamford, CT: AVID EDITOR(8340), PRODUCER(8768), MKTG OPS  MGR(8641). Visit us: www.nbcunicareers.com and reference job id#. Join the team at our state of the art production facility (3/1)

JOB OPENING: SR RESEARCH ANALYST/A+E NETWORKS/NY: Prov analyses/estimates for Prog/Mktg. Assist with presentations & strategy. Min 3ys TV rsch. Knowledge of Nielsen/secondary rsch tools. #155099, www.aenetworks.com/careers (3/1)

JOB OPENING: MKTG SUPERVISOR/SHOWTIME/NYC: coordinate consumer mktg, branding and on-air campaigns for Smithsonian Channel. Min 3 yrs exp. Organized, creative, media and marketing savvy. Apply at www.sho.com/careers (3/1)

JOB OPENING: VP, AD SALES OPERATIONS/TVONE/NY or MD Base TBD: BA req’d.Min10 yrs exp TV Sales Ops & min 3 yrs exp Sales Ops Mgmt. Strategic & Tact Mgmt. Resp for execution of ad sales orders. Mng/oversee traffic sys. Visit www.TVONEjobs.com (2/28)

JOB OPENING: DIRECTOR, SALES/Pac-12/SF or LA: 7-10yrs exp in media sales. Natl/local TV, digital & sponsorship. See full posting/apply to: http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?aj=oY9aXfwY&s=Cynopsis (2/28)

JOB OPENING: MGR DIGITAL RESEARCH/NBC/NYC:  Mng day-to-day responsibility for all activities related to metrics & primary rsrch for the Owned Stations’ dig properties. 3+ yrs exp of web analytics exp. Apply at: http://bit.ly/ZrQAzB (2/28)

JOB OPENING: DIR, POST PROD/FOX NETWORKS ENGINEERING & OPERATIONS/LA: Post Prod mgt exp Net/Post House/Strong Media mgt/Digital workflow exp/staff & client mgt, Sched Ops. (FNG0001864) www.FOXCareers.com Apply: http://tinyurl.com/atsg4zz (2/27)

JOB OPENING: EXEC IN CHARGE/Leftfield Pictures/NY: Oversees multiple productions. Requires strong multitasking, budgeting, scheduling, and management skills. Min 5 yrs exp as LP/EIC. Resume: EIC219@yahoo.com (2/27)

JOB OPENING: EXEC ASST/Discovery/NY: Seasoned C-level admin profess’l to provide high-level support for dynamic CEO; must be able to juggle many projects & work as part of a of 3 support staff 10+ yrs exec asst. exp. http://bit.ly/12FamE0 (2/27)

JOB OPENING: PRICING & INVENTORY ANALYST/THE WEATHER CHANNEL/NYC: Provide wkly pricing & inventory reports/updates. Asst in maximizing inventory. BA Deg, sales plan’g, media math Excel/PP. 2+yrs & TV exp a must. Full info click here. Apply only: jbongiorno@weather.com (2/27)

JOB OPENING: MGR, DIGITAL CONTENT/WE TV/NYC: Resp for creating unique content offerings for website and other dig plats to engage fans and promo tune-in. Proj. man & soc. media exp a must. 2-4 years dig. content exp. Click here. (2/26)

JOB OPENING: MEDIA ANALYST/Music Choice: Dvlpmt/Mgmt of media planning/trking system. Maximize media allocations. Evaluate ROI on mrktg cmpgns. BA/BS, 1+ yrs exp. in sales planning rqd. http://musicchoicecareers.iapplicants.com (2/26)

JOB OPENING: ASSOC DIRECTOR, RESEARCH/REELZ/Albuquerque: Strategic thinker. 7+ years media/mkt research. Proficient with all research tools, dvlp prgm ratings. Digital a plus. Apply: careers@reelzchannel.com (2/26)

JOB OPENING: ANALYST, RESEARCH/REELZ/NYC: Must be proficient with all research tools, analytical, develop reports. 2+ years media/market research. Apply: careers@reelzchannel.com (2/26)

JOB OPENING: MARKETING DIRECTOR/GAC/Knoxville: assist in extending brand reach to consumers. 5 yrs exp in media marketing/entertainment/advertising & knowledge of entertainment and/or music marketing. Click here to apply (2/26)

JOB OPENING: LEGAL ASSISTANT/A+E NETWORKS/NY: Admin support incl extensive doc mgmt/editing, phones, calendaring, travel arrangements. Excellent customer svc, detail-oriented. www.aenetworks.com/careers (2/26)

JOB OPENING: MARKETING ASSISTANT/NBCUniversal/NYC: Support EVP, Syfy Mktg. min 1 yr. exp. Self-starter who thrives in fast-paced environment. Must be organized w/strong communication skills. Apply: www.nbcunicareers.com (8821BR) (2/26)


Register Now  Sports Social Media Webinar is Today !

Learn the New Social Media Secrets from Sports Insiders
Today – 1:30-3:15pm ET

Expert Speakers:
Kate Guerra (Social Media Manager)
Golf Channel: Susie Lokey (Sr. Director, Consumer Marketing)
LockerDome: Gabe Lozano (Co-Founder/CEO)
NHL: Caty Marzi (Manager, Social Media Business Devel.)


collaborate with subject matter experts, users, development staff, and trainers to generate and elicit requirements, create effective business processes, and end user training documentation
Business Analyst  7362
Discovery Channel

develop and drive sales strategy and build a sales pipeline of prospective customers for CORE Media Group’s branded content
Head of Sales
Core Media Group

draft, review and negotiate a variety of agreements arising from the distribution of the VMN/BETN programming services and related content on a broad array of media platforms
Senior Counsel, Business & Legal Affairs  5134

oversee the resource management function for one of the three regions of the company: west, central, and east
Senior Director, Resource Management

develops and presents integrated marketing concepts to drive incremental and new business at a premium CPM
VP, Integrated Sales & Promo  FNG0001816
Fox Networks

responsible for all off-channel marketing and cross-departmental marketing support
Senior Marketing Manager  8990BR
NBC Sports Group

work closely with the rest of our design team to continue to evolve the brand across all channels
Sr Visual Designer (Mobile)
NYC NY or San Francisco CA

strategically schedule promotional material for any assigned network
Sr. Promotion Scheduler – CNN
Turner Broadcasting
Atlanta GA

the “go to” person for expert counsel in comprehensive recruitment and staffing issues (internal and external), policies, and processes
Senior Professional Recruiter  9010BR
NBC Universal
Orlando FL

actively acquire new titles and authors–consistent with publishing strategy and financial goals
Executive Editor
Grand Rapids MI

join our busy growing 3D department creating visual effect for our newly opening Chicago commercials division
CG Generalist
Method Studios
Chicago IL

accountable for generating new revenue opportunities for the agency
Business Development Director
Chicago IL

manage and design for a wide range of projects that include graphic design, web design, packaging, presentations, event/tradeshow materials, environmental graphics and various print collateral pieces
Senior Designer
Chicago IL

integrated creative work across digital, mobile, CRM/database, events, nightlife, retail and direct mail
Senior Strategist/Senior Planner  LEO000388
Leo Burnett
Chicago IL

drive the content calendar in support of the strategy and execution of a robust lead generation marketing plan to deliver a qualified pipeline of leads to the Sales organization
Sr. Marketing Communications Manager
Chicago IL

lead the relationship with senior level clients and act as a recognized source of expertise, understanding all aspects of the client’s business, their future offerings and the competitive landscape
Public Relations (PR) Senior Vice President
Waggener Edstrom, Inc
Seattle WA

work closely with and maintain high-level business, trade and/or consumer media and influencer contacts
Senior Account Executive
San Francisco CA

supports Organic’s management and employees by providing creative strategies, solutions and ideas to maintain the company’s competitive edge relating to our talent
Director, HR
San Francisco CA

responsible for designing, directing, and/or executing interactive advertising and marketing communications
Senior Art Director
San Francisco CA

owns senior level client relationships and works to contribute strategic value beyond day-to-day operations
VP, Client Partner  2013-7270
San Francisco CA

establish a business information framework to provide to all global stakeholders meaningful information on how sony.com performs
Sr. Mgr., Global Web Analytics & Insights  3522553
Sony Corporation
San Francisco CA

work and train artists in a fresh environment on exceptional feature film productions
Senior Compositer
Los Angeles CA

oversee the national and international facilities/experience team
Manager, Experience and Facilities
Los Angeles CA

manage projects (primarily late night, with some scripted comedy and drama) in pre-production, production and post-production and give creative notes on outlines, scripts and rough cuts
VP, Current Programming/Late Night  FNG0001789
Fox Networks
Los Angeles CA

plan, organize, and manage large scale, multi-platform software projects to successful outcomes
Program Manager
Glendale CA


Beyond Distribution has named Michael Murphy as Acting General Manager following the resignation of Fiona Crago who is stepping down to pursue further university studies. Murphy, a Director of Beyond Entertainment Limited since 2004 will take on Crago’s duties while based in Dublin, Ireland.

Discovery Communications promoted Scott Felenstein and Sharon O’Sullivan as EVPs/National Ad Sales up from SVPs/National Ad Sales.  They both report to Joe Abruzzese, President/Ad Sales.  Felenstein will head the national ad sales teams for Discovery Channel, Science Channel, Velocity, Military Channel and Destination America while O’Sullivan will supervise the national ad sales teams for TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery and Discovery Fit & Health.  In addition, Discovery has upped Scott Kohn to SVP/Regional Ad Sales overseeing the Chicago, Atlanta and Detroit sales offices.  Kohn was previously VP/Ad Sales, Midwest Region and reports to Ben Price, SVP/National Ad Sales.

Barbra Robin was elevated to SVP/Integrated Marketing at The CW, effective immediately.  Robin will continue to report to Rob Tuck, EVP/National Sales and will now become the network’s primary liaison between The CW’s marketing and media sales departments on all integrated partnerships. 

Participant Media continues to bolster its ranks by appointing Craig Parks as SVP/Digital & Live Programming for the company’s yet-to-be-named cable television network targeting millennials launching this summer.  Parks will oversee the development of digital and interstitial content and live multi-platform programming for Participant’s new cable network, as well as video content for TakePart.com and branded content for sponsors and partners.  He will additionally be in charge of Participant’s YouTube channel, TakePart TV.   

Simulmedia tapped Chris Polos for the newly-created role as SVP/Operations where he will report directly to CEO Dave Morgan.  Polos joins Simulmedia, specializing in audience-based television ad targeting, from VeriFone, Inc.

Former senior adviser to President Obama and senior strategist to his campaign, David Axelrod was hired by NBC News and MSNBC as Senior Political Analyst.  Axelrod will appear on both networks and joins soon after Robert Gibbs, former White House press secretary and adviser to the President’s campaign, was added last week as a Commentator.

Rachelle Considine advances to the role of President at Future US where she will oversee the company and be a member of its global management board.  In her new role, Considine will continue to streamline Future’s U.S. and U.K. operations to attract a wider more engaged global audience base.

Rani Raad was named EVP and Chief Commercial Officer for CNN International.  Raad will be in charge of the commercial strategy and vision of CNN International will oversee its advertising sales, content sales, business development, international research and marketing efforts among other duties.

Screenvision continues to bolster their sales and marketing teams by adding four new executives: Katy Loria joins as SVP/National Sales and Lisa O’Keefe as AEMatt Arden also comes aboard as VP/Creative Director as well as Darren Finnie as VP/Ad Sales Marketing.

Kristie Moomey was elevated to VP/Post Production  Unscripted Programming and Digital Extensions for TNT and TBS.  Moomey will supervise all post-production activities on the network’s roster of unscripted series in addition to all post production on digital programming on both networks.  She is based in Los Angeles and reports to Ron Binkowski, VP/Post Production for TNT and TBS.  

Hispanic entertainment cable network mun2 named Margie Moreno to the newly-minted position of VP/Programming.  Moreno will be based at the network’s offices in Universal City/Los Angeles and reports to Diana Mogollon, General Manager.

Multi-media development, production and distribution studio RadioactiveGiant established a new division, RG360 and has invited Cynthia Burnett to head this new unit as VP/Worldwide Distribution.  Burnett will also become a member of the senior management team at RadioactiveGiant. 

Veria Living has appointed Jodi Chenoff Goldblatt to the newly-created role of Senior Manager of Advertising Sales, effective immediately.  Based at company headquarters in New York, Goldblatt will report to David Cooper, SVP and Head/Advertising Sales for Veria Living.

Recently announced new network Esquire Network tapped Deena Stern as Head/Marketing to oversee marketing and strategic planning for on-air, off-air, digital and ad sales solutions.  Additionally, Esquire Network is adding Katherine Nelson as Head/Communications to manage all corporate communications and program publicity for the network as well as devising all communications strategy.  Both will report to Esquire Network GM Adam Stotsky.

Beginning next Monday, Tim Collison takes on the new position as Global Communications Director at ZenithOptimedia Group.  Collison will have responsibility over driving internal and external marketing and communications programs for the company internationally and will work to establish best practice communications strategies.  Collison reports to Belinda Rowe.

Lori Conkling has joined NBCUniversal as EVP/Strategy and Business Development for a new formed unit of the company charged with the monetization of cross-platform content, spurring innovation and devising a digital strategy across mobile, social and online.  Conkling reports directly to Lauren Zalaznick, EVP, NBCUniversal

Neal Kendall was tapped as Executive Producer of the upcoming CBS syndicated late-night talk show, The Arsenio Hall Show. Hall’s new show debuts September 9, 2013. 

Christine Maggiore-Escribano advances to SVP/Integrated Marketing Solutions at Telemundo Media.  Escribano will be based in New York.

A&E Network has hired two new programming executives: Gabriel Marano for the West Coast-based scripted department as VP/Drama Programming, Dave Mace for the East Coast-based non-fiction department as VP/Non-Fiction & Alternative Programming.

Later — John
John Cox for Cynopsis: Classified Advantage

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Diane K Schwartz: Senior Vice President, Media Communications Group 

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