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Cynopsis: Classified Advantage

Good morning. It’s Tuesday, December 4, 2012, and this is your weekly issue of Cynopsis: Classified Advantage!

The Boss

Sometimes dealing with bosses can be very difficult, especially if they are being difficult with you. When a boss says no to everything new, without reason, it drains all your creativity and passion.

What should you do?

First thing you must do is separate yourself from all emotion attached to the situation. Emotions will only cost you in the end. You have to look at this problem logically and take your ego out of the equation.

Once you have accomplished that, you have to decide whether or not this is a battle worth fighting. What will you gain, what will it cost you? If the only positive is that you’ll win, it’s best to drop it, your ego is still dictating your actions. However, if you determine it is worth it on other merits, fight on, but carefully.

Tact is the key when approaching your boss with the problem. You must remove all blame and should stay away from declaring your boss as wrong. Ask questions that may lead your boss to your way of thinking. When doing this, always be open to the possibility that you are wrong and the boss, through the answers provided, makes a more compelling argument than yours. If that is the case, thank your boss for clearing up the matter.

If this fails, determine what kind of fall out is expected if the boss’s decision stands. Will it effect you? Will it hurt the company? Is it possible that you could lose your job?

Your next step depends on the ramifications of the boss’s decision. If you believe the decision will cause harm to you, your department or the entire company, you need to get your objections in writing and send it to the appropriate person/people. If not, again consider letting it go.

There is no one answer that can apply to every situation, the personalities of those involved will dictate much of the discussion. Assess the personalities and play the strongest hand that will render the least harm to you.

We are always on the look out for more Experts to advise our readers – if you’re a headhunter, job coach, career advisor, etc., and may be interested in contributing to this edition from time to time, please contact me at john@cynopsis.com.


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The Essentials: Networking and Research
by Michael Pollock

Essentially, and by that I mean this is essential, your networking and researching process needs to be always ongoing. Whether you’re employed or not you have to be constantly out there and researching who is doing what, what is happening in your field and what positions people need to fill. You need to know where your contacts are and when they move and to keep in touch strategically with the appropriate people. You need to find out who they know and make smart choices about reaching out and what introductions you need to seek.

The market is volatile and new companies are constantly emerging so keep an eye on startups and mergers and name changes: this is a critical piece of your networking platform. It is not just about having a nice lunch with people who once sat at the desk near yours. It has to be a focused understanding of current activity in your field geared to finding and meeting people and businesses you may never have heard of before but that you have identified as interesting and you can reach through a contact.

The trend towards the launching of so many smaller entrepreneurial companies and projects means that there are fewer standard career routes and clearly defined job titles. So don’t get hung up on what title you want to have or what title level you should be talking to. The upside of all this activity is that there is more opportunity for the active participant.

And don’t think that just because an acquaintance doesn’t work in your field you need not network with them. Your accountant for example probably knows lots of people who you should know  after all none of his clients are accountants! As does that college friend who now works in a law firm or on an academic faculty. As long as you have a clear idea of what your value is, and a general idea of the kind of folks you’d like to be connected to  you can use these friends to find and make the introductions. So be very open to the chain effect of networking.

The economic climate is such though that firms are wary of making investments – also they are not long on cash, or are holding on to it – so that there is more and more free or discounted work being done. You should consider swallowing your principles and exploiting these opportunities for building your portfolio, keeping abreast of trends and technologies and generally showing your worth.
These opportunities will also help you to be continually making friends and building trust. All so that when there is a viable funded opening you are top of mind and ready to roll.

Michael Pollock is President of Pollock Spark (www.pollockspark.com). He is an Executive Coach and Consultant to Creative and Media professionals. He works with people in film, TV, journalism, advertising, design, marketing, music and the Internet, bringing them the experience, techniques and inspiration to take their businesses and careers to new levels of success.

Questions from our Readers
Answered by
Michael Pollock

I had some well regarded success in my last career, how do I turn that into a new career of consulting?

Build yourself a portfolio of your successes: case studies that you can present to potential clients to persuade them of your value. Build your network of contacts. Collect some good testimonials that address your specific strengths. Make sure that you are not prevented from working in the field by non-compete agreements with your employer.

Figure out the most likely first client and get close to them letting them know you are thinking of going it alone. Identify another bunch of potential clients and start to get onto their radar. Discover what they like about you so you can emphasize those attributes.

Find out who your competition is so you can distinguish yourself from them. Aim to do all of this off the side of your desk before you quit  even get your first client teed up – so that once you hang out your shingle you can hit the ground running.

How do I learn the jargon of a company so I can use it during an interview?

Read the company’s blogs, Facebook page and press releases. Identify people who work there – network your way in and make some friends. Follow its employees on Twitter and see how they interact.

But while it is good to know how they think and speak, it may not be a slam-dunk to talk like them in an interview. They may be looking for fresh thinking – so why not avoid the jargon altogether and discuss your ideas and experience in terms that anyone can understand. This is usually the clearest way to communicate.

Michael Pollock is President of Pollock Spark (www.pollockspark.com). He is an Executive Coach and Consultant to Creative and Media professionals.


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JOB OPENING: DIR BUSINESS & LEGAL AFFAIRS/DISCOVERY COMMUNICATIONS/LA: Handles talent negotiations & drafting/review agreements for talent in reality programs; exp in entertainment law. http://careers.discovery.com/ #6753 (11/27)

JOB OPENING: COUNSEL CMT BUSINESS & LEGAL AFFAIRS/Santa Monica: Mng high vol deopent/prod. agreements emphasis on the unscripted/reality genre. 3-5 yrs exp w/ent law firm or studio/network. Apply: http://bit.ly/THqzFo (11/27)

JOB OPENING: TALENT MGR/CASTING PROD/NY: 8+ yrs exp. Skilled casting producer. Easily transition between office research and field work. Ability to shoot and edit. Final Cut exp. Apply: www.viacomcareers.com (11/27)

JOB OPENING: DIR., PRICING & PLANNING (FX, NYC): 7-10 yrs Media Ad Sales, Inventory Mgmt, reporting & forecasting for multiple networks. Strong exp. w/Ad Sales systems & Excel. Strong math & comm skills. http://bit.ly/Rk4ywe (11/27)

JOB OPENING: SALES ASSISTANT/New York City: Work with Ad Sales dept. to service and maintain agencies and clients on daily basis. More info & apply: http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/jobs (11/27)

JOB OPENING: CREATIVE SERVICES ASSISTANT/Studio City: Perform administrative duties & provides support to SVP and department. More info & apply: http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/jobs (11/27)

JOB OPENING:  DESIGN DIRECTOR/LOGO/NYC: 5+ yr exp. broadcast & print design; Illustrator, Photoshop req.; After Effects, Video Editing, Compositing systems, 3D Animation & OACIS a +; BFA req. Apply @ viacomcareers.com EEO/M/F/D/V (11/27)


oversee editorial Creative Direction for Centric
Creative Director Centric  236

provide analytical and managerial support to BET Networks (BETN) Corporate Market Research staff in Washington, DC & New York City
Director Market Research  230

contribute to the Sony DADC NMS/Generator team as a full team member during migration efforts
Sr. Analyst, Financial Support  3338287
Sony Corporation

supports brand development, inventory management and sales planning to deliver action plans for the development of a diverse retailer and brand base
VP, Brand Management & Sales Planning
BBC America

identify, research and pursue media and technology-driven opportunities that generate revenue, grow traffic, and strengthen the team’s properties
Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships  13099BR
CBS Corporation

structure, draft and negotiate a variety of agreements relating to the distribution of a broad portfolio of basic cable programming services and related content offerings
Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs CDM  3444

work with a team of Real-Time Engineers through the full life cycle of the project
Senior Real-Time Developer  2619BR
NBC Universal
Englewood Cliffs NJ

develop and implement strategies to drive web traffic acquisition through SEO and social search
SEO & App Discovery Manager  7409BR
NBC Universal
Englewood Cliffs NJ

execute operational excellence, transformation, and continuous business process improvement across the company
Manager – Process & Technology  6851
Discovery Channel
Silver Spring MD

plan, direct and control the program scheduling and acquisition functions of the channel
SVP, Programming Strategy  4908
Nashville TN

provide the structure and support the overall vision for assigned projects
Senior Project Manager  12060
Chicago IL

provide detailed, thoughtful, and timely marketplace assessments
Director, platform management – Mobile/Emerging Channels  1380
Chicago IL

responsible for the general health and direction of a significant portion of the company’s product line
Director, Platform Management  1761
Chicago IL

cultivate and manage a pipeline of Retail and Consumer Brands and meet aggressive quarterly sales quotas
Senior Sales Director, Mobile Solutions
Chicago, IL

serve as a senior advisor to client’s marketing executives, advising on strategic business and marketing problems
Senior Principal, Strategic Marketing  11598
Austin TX

conduct varied investigations relating to theft of company assets, work place violence, copyright infringement, employee misconduct, and other issues as directed
Manager, Investigations  FFE0001419
Los Angeles CA

identify and prioritize (along with SVP) all key film properties / brands that should be focused on, and identify timing of launch and sustain activity
Vice President Film Brand Management & Strategy  FFE0001372
Los Angeles CA

Full responsibility for delivering the ideal builder environment
VP, Talent and Organization
Los Angeles CA

drive the product vision for Hulu’s advertising platform
Senior Product Manager  Advertising Innovation
Los Angeles CA

responsible for recommending strategies and partner with senior clients and executives to keep them informed of the evolving digital industry
Director, Digital Analytics, Multi-platform Research, Bus.Optimization  73094BR
Walt Disney Corporation
Burbank CA

support VP, Business Planning and Strategy in the business planning and management for global portfolio of Disney Channels and to support the formulation and execution of DCWW’s growth and profitability strategy
Director – Business Planning & Strategy (Disney Channels Worldwide)  79786BR
Walt Disney Corporation
Burbank CA

responsible for designing, directing, and/or executing interactive advertising and marketing communications
Senior Art Director
San Francisco CA

responsible for implementation of the presentation tier of complex web applications
Senior Interface Engineer
San Francisco CA

oversee the formation of a global product marketing team comprise of the existing product marketing, design and custom content team
VP Product Marketing  13344BR
CBS Corporation
San Francisco CA

support this high profile, high growth acquisition and directly support the BR Chief Executive Officer
Sr Director Financial Analysis
Turner Broadcasting
San Francisco CA


National Geographic Television (NGT) named Brooke Runnette as President to succeed Maryanne Culpepper whose departure was revealed earlier this year.  Brooke recently joined the National Geographic Channels from Discovery Channel where she served as Executive Producer and Director/Development for specials including Shark Week.  She will transition over the next month from her current position as VP/Development and Special Projects at the Channels into her new role as President.  In her new role, Brooke will oversee series, big special events and live programming for the National Geographic Channels.

Univision Communications Inc. named Jonathan Schwartz as General Counsel of Univision Communications.  Jonathan succeeds C. Douglas Kranwinkle who has served as EVP/General Counsel for 12 years and announced last year he will be retiring after a long and distinguished 47-year career in law.  Jonathan joins Univision Communications from JPMorgan’s Investment Bank where he most recently served as Managing Director/General Counsel and before that, Jonathan spent six years at Cablevision Systems as EVP/General Counsel.  Jonathan will be based in New York, reporting to President/CEO Randy Falco.  In addition, Univision Communications also announced Phyllis Verdugo, a 15-year veteran of Univision and presently serving as EVP/Deputy General Counsel will relocate to New York.

Effective immediately, Peach Gibson takes on the new position as SVP/Creative Services at Telemundo Media.  Peach will be in charge of the visual identity and overall aesthetic of the Telemundo brand on-air and off-air as well as across all divisions of the network in all program genres covering sports, news and entertainment.  She will also oversee the network brand image and corporate identity and be involved as a creative leader for the annual Upfront presentation.  Based in Miami, Peach will report to Susan Solano Vila, EVP/Marketing.

REVShare and Media Properties Holdings relayed three executive promotions: Shannon Nelson moves up to SVP/Ad Sales and Sales Development for REVShare; Sean King was elevated to SVP/Network Sales, Media Operations and Distribution for REVShare; and Preston Haglin was named COO of Media Properties Holdings in addition to becoming President/Lead Generation Technologies, a Media Properties Holdings company.

Insight Strategy Group upped Slaine Jenkins to Research Manager and Amalia Branaa to Senior Designer.  Slaine has been with Insight since 2010 while Amalia joined in 2011.

Brian Applegate was appointed Senior Broadcast Producer and Matthew Glick has become Senior Producer of CBS THIS MORNING, as announced by Chris Licht, VP/Programming, CBS News and Executive Producer of CBS THIS MORNING. 

Golf Channel hired Israel DeHerrera as Supervising Producer, Teases and Features and Jeff Neubarth recently joined the network as Coordinating Producer for Morning Drive.  Israel was formerly a feature producer with NBC Sports Olympics and Jeff is a former producer at ESPN for various sports properties.  Both Israel and Jeff will report directly to Joe Riley, Senior Director/News and Talk, Golf Channel.

Former Nordstrom executive Andrea Darweesh has joined The Weather Company (TWC) as EVP/Human Resources.  Andrea will spearhead HR functions for all company divisions, reporting to Chris Walters, COO. 

Multiplatform media company Veria Living tapped David Cooper in the newly-created role of SVP/Sales and Head of Advertising, effective immediately.  David will have oversight of advertising sales and business development for Veria Living’s multiple media properties.  Based at the company’s headquarters in New York, David will report directly to GM Paul Cestari.

Getty Images promoted Yvonne Chien to the position as SVP/Marketing up from VP/Marketing, a position she has held since 2010.  Yvonne is based in London and reports to Nick Evans-Lombe, COO.

Starting January 2 former FOX News executive Jeremy Steinberg will become SVP/Digital Ad Sales at The Weather Company (formerly The Weather Channel Companies).  Jeremy will head the digital sales efforts for TWC and will be in charge of revenue generation across weather.com, wunderground and The Weather Channel mobile and tablet apps.  Jeremy will be based in New York and will report to Curt Hecht, Chief Global Revenue Officer, The Weather Company.

Lenore Moritz advances to the position of VP/Communications, Digital and Integrated Media within NBCUniversal’s Entertainment & Digital Networks and Integrated Media (E&DN/IM) division.  In her newly expanded role, Lenore till have communications oversight of DailyCandy, Fandango, Television Without Pity and additionally she will lead communications within the Integrated Media group that develops custom cross-portfolio deals across NBCU and involves Women at NBCU, Green is Universal, Healthy at NBCU and Hispanics at NBCU.   Lenore will report to Nick Lehman, President of Digital, NBCUniversal E&DN/IM; John Shea, EVP and CMO, NBCUniversal’s Integrated Media; and to Hilary Smith, SVP/Communications, NBCUniversal E&DN/IM.  Congratulations, Lenore!

WNET, parent company of New York’s public television stations THIRTEEN AND WLIW21 and operator of NJTV named Carole Wacey as VP/Education, effective December 17.  Previously Carole was the Executive Director at MOUSE, a national nonprofit organization that empowers underserved youth to learn, lead and crate by using technology. 

Mobile advertising exchange Nexage added Patrick McCormack as VP/Publisher Sales as well as Paul Smith as CFO

Former Viacom Media Networks Director/Sales John Whitlock has joined Bellatrix Media as VP/Sales to spearhead West Coast sales for the company’s various unwired networks including American Target Network. 

Eonline named Romina Rosado to the newly-minted position of VP, Eonline where she will report to John Najarian, EVP/Digital Media and Business Development. 

New York-based talent and programming agency N.S. Bienstock, Inc. hired Adam Block for its International Television and Digital Media Packaging Division.  In his new role, Adam will represent producers and talent and will concentrate on the representation of American and Canadian and other foreign production companies and formats worldwide.

Making it official, former NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Zucker is joining CNN Worldwide to become President, Turner Broadcasting.  Zucker will lead CNN’s 23 news and information businesses worldwide and is charged with boosting CNN’s domestic ratings which have plummeted to 20-year lows.  Zucker will report to Turner Broadcasting CEO Phil Kent and will be based in New York instead of CNN’s Atlanta base. 

Turner Broadcasting System International tapped Oliver Herrgesell as SVP/Communications.  In his new role, Oliver will be Turner Broadcasting’s chief communications and public relations executive in markets outside the US.  He will also be responsible for developing communications strategy and oversee messaging associated to Turner’s international business portfolio.  Oliver will work closely with Gerhard Zeiler, President of Turner Broadcasting System International and is based in London at Turner International’s EMEA headquarters.

Later — John
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07/19/18: Springsteen on Broadway headed to Netflix

CYNOPSIS Good morning. It’s Thursday July 19, 2018 and this is your first early morning briefing.   Tonight’s Premieres: A&E: Live PD Presents: PD Cam at 10p BET: The Grand Hustle at 10p Cooking: Seaside Snacks & Shacks at 10p FX: Snowfall at 10p Great American Country: Lakefront Bargain Hunt at 9p […]

07/19/18: FOX’s carriage of the MLB All-Star Game was down, but averaged 8.8 million viewers

A CYNOPSIS MESSAGE FROM TENNIS CHANNEL THE GRASS-COURT SEASON CONTINUES While the Wimbledon Champions are crowned, the Grass-Court Season continues this week. Tennis Channel is the only network to carry the Tennis Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Tournament. Events include an exhibition with 2017 US Open Champion Sloane Stephens against fellow American and top-12 player Madison Keys on Friday and […]