Premium Media 360, the advertising data automation company offering innovative pre-flight and in-flight campaign validation solutions for local broadcast, is partnering with Mediaocean, the foundational software provider for the advertising world, to make media agencies’ local activation teams more efficient by automating the identification of campaign transaction errors and facilitating resolution, before the station invoice is created. Through its relationships with networks and broadcasters, and its partnership with Mediaocean, Premium Media 360 will create efficiencies between buyers and sellers, monitoring both parties’ view of campaign data and creating actionable alerts where data discrepancies are identified.  

“Our entire business is dedicated to tackling an industry problem nobody has successfully addressed in an automated way,” says Michelle Clayton, SVP Client Services at Premium Media 360. “As longtime supporters of the TIP initiative, we have a simple goal. By empowering agencies to get ahead of campaign transaction errors before they end up on an invoice, we aim to help make local broadcast less complicated, more efficient and less costly. Ultimately, we hope this will help agencies to attract more advertiser dollars to local broadcast.” 

“A fluid, end-to-end workflow connecting buyers and sellers is crucial in today’s media landscape,” notes Cordie De Pascale, SVP Connect Partner Management for Mediaocean. “Premium Media 360 enables trading partners to leverage mission critical data, early and often, throughout campaigns. Our automation will enable media orders, traffic, air times and invoices to more seamlessly process between buyers and sellers using Mediaocean and Premium Media 360.”

Lynn Leahey