Facebook is once again changing its algorithm in an effort to make its News Feed better, bringing more meaningful and personal content to users on the site. Facebook outlined how it uses surveys from users to understand how people interact with the platform. From those surveys, the company is making “two ranking updates:” prioritizing posts from certain friends and highlighting worthwhile links.

In a survey, Facebook asked users to list the friends they are closest to and then compared that information to data collected from the platform. After analyzing the data, the company analyzed patterns to create an algorithm that can better understand which friends a user wants to see on their News Feed. The change highlighted in the blog post is intended to increase posts from people users have friendships with higher up on their feed.

The algorithms are “continuously updated” based on user interactions, so it’ll update as preferences change, Facebook said. The company also addressed bringing more relevant posts to the front of the News Feed, which will work in a similar way. After surveying users on what posts they felt were “worth their time,” Facebook has tweaked the algorithm to better serve users with links they want to click. Other information that’s considered is who made the post, who’s responded to it, and the kind of post it is.

“These changes aren’t meant to show more or less from Pages or friends,” Facebook wrote in the post. “Rather, the Page links that are surfaced to people will be ones they find worth their time—and the friend posts will be from friends people want to hear from most.”

Lynn Leahey