Sharks and tigers and dinos, oh my. Revamped Discovery Kids website launches this week

Discovery Kids is packing its relaunched website ( with content curated from Discovery’s family of networks, including Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Science. The site is “pulling together the best of our content and serving it in a kid-friendly way,” JP Stoops, Discovery director of licensing, tells CynKids. That means content organized by both mediumeg, videos, games and ebooksand by topiceg, Sharks and Dinosaurs. The category selection is no accident. Nine of the top 10 programs kids watch on Discovery Channel are shark-related, Stoops says. “Kids love the real world, they love the mysterious, and they love in-your-face content.” Animal Planet extreme fishing series River Monsters is also resonating well with kids, he says. targets 6-12 year olds, with 8-9 as the sweet spot. The website also features a parents area which links to the site’s Facebook feed and other relevant content including ideas for themed parties and events. At this point, there is no original programming on the site, but “as we begin to get metrics and see what kids are engaging with the most, we’ll be looking at the possibility of original content. This company responds quickly where we see traction.” Discovery Kids is also interested in partnering with “best in class” tech companies that can deliver cutting-edge interactive experiences via the site, Stoops says, including launch partners Happly and Animax Digital Production.

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Report: AT&T nears deal to acquire all of Otter Media

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Fox TV CEO Dana Walden joins Hulu's board

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