Study: “Walking Dead” piracy down by over 40%

Study: "Walking Dead" piracy down by over 40%

From the department of mixed blessings: Global online piracy of Sunday’s The Walking Dead premiere was down 42% from last season’s premiere. That’s according to piracy-tracking firm Tecxipio, which compared the one-day periods following the two premieres’ initial airings on AMC. While reduced piracy may sound like a good thing, it may also indicate that […]

Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins to depart for Sony TV

Hulu cancels Difficult People

Mike Hopkins is leaving Hulu. Hopkins, who’s been Hulu’s CEO since 2013, is headed to Sony Pictures Television, where he’ll serve as Chairman. The Chairman role was previously held by Steve Mosko, who left Sony last year. Randy Freer, a Hulu board-member who’s served as President and COO of Fox Networks Group since 2013, will […]

Report: Snapchat has hundreds of thousands of unsold Spectacles

Report: Snap Inc. requires ad tech company Metamarkets

Snapchat parent Snap Inc. may have grossly overestimated the demand for Spectacles, the video-recording glasses the company introduced last year. The Information reports that hundreds of thousands of unsold Spectacles are currently sitting in a Chinese warehouse. According to the report, Snap ordered an overabundance of units due to a deceptively strong surge of early […]

Facebook experiments with taking publishers off the News Feed

Study finds single "like" dramatically improves Facebook ad targeting

This could wind up amounting to nothing – or it could be big, big deal. Facebook has been undertaking a new test in six countries: Instead of placing publishers’ content in users’ main News Feeds, the platform is shunting those stories off to the harder-to-find Explore Feed. The upshot: Users have to head to the […]

Senators propose disclosure requirements for digital political ads

Senators propose disclosure requirements for digital political ads

Democratic senators Amy Klobuchar and Mark Warner unveiled new legislation that would require online political ads to follow the same disclosure rules as those that run on TV, radio, or satellite platforms. The proposal comes in the wake of revelations that Facebook, Twitter and Google ran Russian-bought political ads during the 2016 election. The bill, […]

Snap Inc. fires 18 members of its recruiting division; will slow hiring

Shares tumble as Snap Inc. whiffs on earnings and user growth

Well that can’t be a good sign. As first reported by Business Insider, Snapchat parent Snap Inc. has fired eighteen employees in its recruiting division. The company confirmed the cuts, but hasn’t commented further. Snap is planning to slow hiring in 2018, according to an internal company email from CEO Evan Spiegel. (BI saw parts […]

Facebook brings ads Instant Games

Report: Russian ads ran across Facebook's Audience Network

Facebook advertisers have access to some new real estate. The company has been testing interstitial ads – along with “rewarded video” ads – within Instant Games. The service, which lets users play games with their friends within News Feed and Messenger, is now testing ads with select game developers. According to a new blog […]

Blaming cord-cutters, Verizon loses 18,000 Fios subs in Q3

Blaming cord-cutters, Verizon loses 18,000 Fios subs in Q3

Cord-cutting is hitting the pay-TV industry hard. The latest evidence is Verizon’s Q3 progress report: The telco lost a net 18,000 Fios Video subs in the corner, compared to a net gain of 36,000 during last year’s Q3. By the end of the third quarter, the company had 4.6 million Fios Video subs. In a […]

Twitter cracks down on harassment with new policy updates

Twitter suspends verification program

As Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey signaled on Friday, the company is set to introduce new anti-harassment rules. The policy updates will cover tweets that contain non-consensual nudity; hate symbols and imagery; unwanted sexual advances; tweets that glorify violence; and tweets from violent groups. The updates are set to roll out over the next few weeks. […]

Nielsen debuts streaming-measurement product

Nielsen debuts streaming-measurement product

From their inception, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Video have kept their data private, leaving industry analysts to guess at just how many viewers are watching. Nielsen now says it can change all that. The company announced a measurement product that measures streaming viewership through an audio signature. And even though Netflix reaches only […]