New York, NY –March 27, 2019–HISTORY adds two new six-hour documentaries “Washington”and “The Food That Built America,”toits premium docudrama programming slate. Executive produced by world-renowned presidential historian and Pulitzer Prize®-winning, New York Times #1 bestselling author Doris Kearns Goodwin, “Washington”(working title)will chip away the cold, bronzed and marbled image of America’s first President and bring to life the man whose name is known to all, but whose true story is understood by few.“The Food That Built America”(working title) will tell the unknown stories of innovation and rivalries behind food industry tycoons Milton Hershey, John and Will Kellogg, Henry Heinz, C.W. Post, the McDonald brothers and more. Before they were brand names they were larger than life visionaries who built empires that defined far more than American eating habits. Both docudramas join previously announced six-part documentary “Grant,” based on Pulitzer Prize®winner Ron Chernow’s #1 New York Times bestselling biography and will portray one of the most complex and underappreciated generals and presidents in U.S. history –Ulysses S. Grant.“Our core audience thrives on gaining knowledge about extraordinary people who have made an impact tothe fabric of our society and HISTORY continues to invest in premium megadocs that tell their stories in an entertaining, dynamic way,” said Eli Lehrer, Executive Vice President and Head of Programming, HISTORY. “From political to cultural, ‘Washington,’ ‘Grant,’ and ‘The Food That Built America’ will offer a three-dimensional look at pivotal moments inthe growth of our nation.”“After spending five decades ‘living with’ our nation’s most impactful presidents, what a thrill it is to tell the gripping story of George Washington, who set the gold standard for our greatest leaders of the past 250 years,” said Goodwin. “I’m excited to partner with a terrifically talented team at HISTORY and Railsplitter Pictures on this project—the first for my new production company.”“Washington” –3 X 120minEveryone knows the basics about George Washington –he was a general, crossed the Delaware, led the Continental Army to victory over the British, was America’s first President and is the face on the dollar bill –but few know his entire epic story. This HISTORY docudrama will reveal how Washington transformed from a young man whose sole ambition was to rise to the highest ranks of colonial society, into a determined revolutionary who led a rag tag army against the British Empire. Ultimately, he would become the reluctant leader of a fledgling new nation and lay the foundation for its eventual emergence as
the world’s greatest superpower. Over the course of a three-night television event, “Washington” will weave together excerpts from his letters, dramatic live action sequences and insights from expert interviewees to tell a very personal story about the evolution of one of history’s most iconic leaders. “Washington” is produced for HISTORY by Railsplitter Pictures. Doris Kearns Goodwin and Beth Laski serve as executive producers through their Pastimes Productions. Matt Ginsburg and Tim Healy are executive producers for Railsplitter Pictures. Jennifer Wagman, Zachary Behr and Mary E. Donahue are executive producers for HISTORY.“The Food That Built America” –6 X 60 minFor generations of Americans, food titans like Henry Heinz, Milton Hershey, John and Will Kellogg, C.W. Post and the McDonald brothers have literally been household names, but you don’t know their stories. Before they were brand names, they were brilliant, sometimes ruthless, visionaries who revolutionized food and changed the landscape of America forever. This docudrama will tell the fascinating stories of the people behind the food that built America –those who used brains, muscle, blood, sweat and tearsto get to America’s heart through its stomach, and along the way built cities, invented new technologies and helped win wars.“The Food That Built America” is produced for HISTORY by Lucky 8. Greg Henry, Kim Woodard, Isaac Holub and Yoshi Stone are executive producers for Lucky 8. Jim Pasquarella is executive producer for HISTORY.A+E Networks holds worldwide distribution rights for all the above programs.

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